A Special Message for Our VIP Members

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It’s November—a month when Americans typically pause to give thanks for the many blessings we’ve received. I want to take a moment on this third anniversary of our VIP program to thank our very special VIP members who make the work we do here possible. I tell people all the time that we have the smartest, most dedicated readers on the internet, and I mean it. Many of you have been with us since the PJTV days—which, as fate would have it, was about a decade ahead of its time.


As most of you know, the left has been doing everything it possibly can to ensure we don’t survive as a media outlet. Many other conservative sites have gone the way of the passenger pigeon, but we’re still going strong at PJ Media, thanks in large part to our wonderful VIP members—many of whom we were privileged to meet and hang out with at CPAC this year! Without your direct support, we would not have made it through the Big Tech censorship and Joe Biden’s COVID economic crisis over the last few years. We are so grateful for each and every one of you! 

Because of your support, we’ve been able to report on:

  • Lies about the origins of COVID-19 and the vaccine, along with the harm that was done to our children during the pandemic
  • Joe Biden’s collusion with Big Tech to silence conservatives
  • The 2020 “Summer of Love” riots that destroyed entire swaths of major cities in our nation and left a path of death and destruction
  • Hunter Biden’s laptop and his curious ties to China
  • Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan
  • The Biden administration’s war on energy
  • Merrick Garland’s DOJ labeling parents domestic terrorists for objecting to groomers in their children’s schools
  • The unprecedented FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago
  • Biden’s dark, cynical Independence Hall speech
  • The J6 committee’s kangaroo court, and much, much more.

We’re just two days away from the midterms. As the fate of our nation hangs in the balance, we promise to bring you unrivaled coverage of the races and stories that are important to you. On Election Day, we’ll bring you VodkaPundit’s wildly popular Drunkblog, live coverage of key races, up-to-the-minute election returns powered by Decision Desk HQ, and more.

No matter what happens on Tuesday, we’ll continue to report the truth and hold the Biden administration accountable for its malfeasance and attacks on hardworking Americans like you. And we’ll be right here for the 2024 presidential race to bring you the stories and results you’ve come to expect from PJ Media.

If you’re not yet a VIP member, this week only, you can use promo code VIPWEEK for 45% off your membership! Join here.

Warmest regards,

Paula Bolyard, Editor, PJ Media


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