Here's Why PJ Media Just Introduced VIP Subscriptions

Loyal readers of PJ Media are well aware of the challenges we conservatives face in an era when Big Tech makes the rules and we’re forced to follow them—websites like ours are increasingly finding ourselves at the mercy of Big Tech executives who don’t share our values and are often hostile to them. Forces beyond our control are constantly trying to force us into their boxes so they can silence our conservative message. Make no mistake: the left will stop at nothing in their efforts to silence us. They’re demanding we be de-platformed and demonetized and they are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t see one of our conservative friends or colleagues being booted off a social media platform or having his or her PayPal account frozen. To make matters worse, the current ad-based revenue model, which most websites currently rely on to fund their operations, is increasingly unsustainable and may disappear completely in the next few years as advertisers shy away from running ads on political websites. Ad vendors are increasingly trying to tell us what we can and cannot publish.

Conservative media is at a crossroads — we can fight to conserve what we have, or quit and let the left control what we read and view online. We cannot let that happen. We will not.

That’s where you, our loyal readers, come in. I’m asking you to join us in the fight to preserve and grow conservative media.

Today I am excited to announce PJ Media’s new VIP membership program. While most of our content will still be free, we now offer several ways for you to help us keep the lights on at PJ Media so we can continue to bring you the quality news and commentary you’ve come to expect from us. You’ll now be able to choose an ad-free experience for a nominal fee (with monthly and yearly plans available) or you’ll have the option to access premium articles and podcasts from your favorite PJ Media writers and personalities with your VIP subscription. And that’s not all.

With your VIP membership, you’ll be able to access exclusive articles, written specifically for our most loyal readers, by some of your favorite writers, including Roger L. Simon, Richard Fernandez, Stephen Green (aka VodkaPundit), Stephen Kruiser, Matt Margolis, Tyler O’Neil, Megan Fox, Charlie Martin, Jim Treacher, Robert Spencer, and others.

And that’s not all. VIP Gold members will have access to premium content across all the Townhall Media websites, including Townhall, Twitchy, RedState, Bearing Arms, and HotAir. We have some exciting things planned for VIP Gold members, including exclusive podcasts and video chats with your favorite writers and personalities across the Townhall Media universe. You’re not going to want to miss this!

We understand that not everyone has the ability to contribute to our efforts to save conservative media, but we hope you’ll at least take a VIP subscription for a test-drive for a month or two (the best value is to pay for a whole year, but we also offer a monthly plan) so we can show you the value we will provide as you help us remain strong and fighting the good fight.

For those of you who are unable or choose not to help support us financially at this time, let me say this: we’re glad to have you here — I know many of you have been with us since Roger Simon founded the site, and we’re so grateful for your loyalty over the years. The majority of content (including from our VIP contributors) will not be behind a paywall, so you’ll still be able to read all your favorite PJM writers, just as you always have.

As online media continues to evolve and we do our best to navigate the ever-changing landscape, we hope you’ll continue with us on this journey and that you’ll choose to partner with us as we work tirelessly to keep the media free.  Please join today.

Paula Bolyard, PJ Media Managing Editor

P.S. Thank you for bearing with us while we made sure the VIP program was perfect!



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