Confident LeBron James Arrives at NBA Finals Rocking Suit Shorts

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UPDATE 11:49 EST: LeBron James scored 51 points, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the Warriors (and the horrible calls by the refs). Golden State wins in overtime, 124-114. Game two is at Golden State on Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.



A confident LeBron James, hot off a remarkable performance in Game 7 of the NBA semi-finals, arrived at Oracle Arena for the first game of the finals against Golden State in suit shorts. All his 6′ 8″/250 lbs. of him.

The Internet, not surprisingly, had something to say about the nontraditional wardrobe decision by the Cleveland Cavaliers star—and the reviews were mixed.

Here’s a sampling from Facebook:

Dominic Cordisco: Those were actually pants made for Isaiah Thomas, but he’s gone!

Scott Stevens: Everybody is talking about the shorts, but that’s just a distraction to keep you from noticing his man purse.

Victor Calderon: Lebron already took an L and the game hasn’t even started.

Cody Dastrup: Wow Michael Jordan would’ve NEVER worn these… just another reason Lebron isn’t as good as him and never will be. The old school NBA was so much tougher with their style. Lebron couldn’t hang with them. 😂just joking around. It doesn’t always have to be Lebron VS Jordan hahaGerm Port This is gonna be a stat on ESPN…lol. Lebron 1st player to wear “suit-shorts” to the Championship.

Collin Smith: I’m sorry man you maybe an excellent basketball player but this is the dumbest thing I have seen in a long time

Daniel Southard: This means espn will have a new stat: highest scoring average by someone who wore suit shorts to the game

Colin Delaney: Skip Bayless tomorrow- ‘I’m about to UNLEASH on Lebron James suit shorts. Michael Jordan would NEVER wear suit shorts before a game. And from there I knew the game was over before it started’


Twitter also had mixed reactions about LeBron’s attire:

But here’s a fair question:

He has a point:

Of course, Warriors coach Steve Kerr was asked about the shorts:

I can definitely understand why guys would want to shed their long pants in the summer. Nobody bats an eye when Bermudian men run around with their knees showing. As much as I love the look of a man in a suit, it’s an incredibly impractical wardrobe item—from the tight-necked collar and tie to the mandatory long pants, even in the sweltering heat. And no doubt suits have been the proximate cause of decades of air conditioning wars between men and women in homes and offices around the world. Sweaty men in suits crank up the AC while seasonally-attired women huddle under blankets and sweaters in the summer. If men want to mix it up a little and give their legs space to breathe, I say go for it. #FreetheKnees


Whether the look will help or hurt his game is yet to be determined, but I’m betting on LeBron, who is in the midst of a record-setting game at the time of this writing: He just tied Michael Jordan’s record of 109 30-point games. Go Cavs!

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