Ted Cruz Delights Followers with Midnight Tweet: 'I'm Running for President'


Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who was expected to announce his plans to run for president in a speech at Liberty University on Monday morning, instead took a non-traditional approach, sending out a midnight tweet saying, “I’m running for president. I hope to earn your support!”


Earlier on Sunday, Cruz sent a text message to his followers, telling them to watch for an announcement on Twitter at midnight. Those who stayed up waiting for the tweet were not disappointed, because in addition to the announcement, they were rewarded with a new campaign video (paid for by Cruz for President). It features scenes of American flags waving, cute babies, tractors (with lots of corn) and motorcycles. It’s evocative of President Reagan’s “Morning in America” ad with its iconic scenes of American life.

His campaign also launched a new website, Ted Cruz 2016.

Pictures surfaced on Twitter Sunday night of the Cruz family doing a walk-through at Liberty University in preparation for Monday’s event, which will likely receive even more buzz after tonight’s surprise Twitter announcement.



Responses from Cruz’s followers on Twitter were, not surprisingly, enthusiastic:




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