US Atty General Eric Holder responds to PJM reports: We've set record in terrorist prosecutions

Speaking at the Department of Justice yesterday, US Attorney General Eric Holder took a swipe at my exclusive Pajamas Media articles reporting from a confidential DOJ source that Holder’s DOJ scuttled the terror finance prosecution of American Islamic leaders as part of the Holy Land Foundation case, as well as that DOJ’s Muslim outreach efforts have jeopardized active terror investigations.


In response to the scuttling of the second round of Holy Land Foundation prosecutions, Holder shot back that the Obama Administration has set a record in terrorist prosecutions over the past two years. However, that might be because of the skyrocketing number of terrorist incidents by Muslims over the past two years that have also set a new record.

And in response to the charge that DOJ’s Muslim outreach has jeopardized active terror investigations, Holder vowed to continue such outreach programs “to all communities”, apparently including (as I reported) Muslim leaders under active investigation in terrorism cases and those identified by federal prosecutors as unindicted co-conspirators in terror finance prosecutions.

Meanwhile, Holder has yet to respond to House Homeland Security Committee chairman Rep. Peter King’s questions about why the DOJ quashed the pending indictment of Omar Ahmad, co-founder of the Council on America-Islamic Relations (CAIR), that King had requested by the close of business yesterday. The Investigative Project on Terrorism has also just released a report, “The Case Against Omar Ahmad“.


Here’s some of the video of Holder’s speech via CNSNews:

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