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'ICU Grandpa' Spends His Free Time Snuggling Tiny Babies

David Deutchman snuggles ICU babies

David Deutchman isn't your typical 82-year-old man. For the past twelve years, the Atlanta retiree has volunteered for two days per week in the neonatal intensive care unit at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta hospital. He cuddles tiny babies, giving them the warmth and comfort they need while their parents take a break. He consoles them when they're crying, and offers them a heartbeat to listen to as they snuggle into his chest. He has come to be known as "ICU Grandpa," and the Internet has gone wild for him.

In one Facebook post by the hospital, Deutchman is shown holding baby Logan, who was born at only 25 weeks. His mom would go home every night to be with her older daughter, only to be anxious and feel sad that her preemie might be lonely overnight without her. One morning after returning to the hospital, she found her baby happily sleeping in Deutchman's arms, and she cried happy tears.

The post got so much love from the Internet that the hospital made a short video to share a little more of what David does for the babies (and the parents) that he helps. For him, it's a rewarding experience to hold those tiny babies every week. Watch the video shared by the hospital, and see if your heart doesn't melt immediately.