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Dad Home from Afghanistan Is the Surprise Pitcher at His Son's Game

According to the Wooster Daily Record, Conner Blile was up to bat for the Wooster 8U Blue All-Star baseball team in the 15th annual Orrville Slugfest Tournament. That is when his mother raced to his side to distract him. His father, Troy Blile, had been away in Afghanistan, working as a private contractor. So Conner certainly wasn't expecting to look up at the pitcher's mound to find his dad, ready to toss the ball.

After recognizing his dad, Conner still swung at the pitch and ran to first base. But then he ran directly into his father's open arms for a big, beautiful reunion hug. You'll need a tissue (or a box of them) because Conner's delight at his father's return is absolutely going to make you cry.