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'Communism for Kids' Paints Communism as a Cure for the Evils of Capitalism

Image via Amazon

A new book aimed at kids paints communism as the cure for all the sundry evils created by capitalism. Rather bluntly, the German social theorist and artist Bini Adamczak's opening sentence in her book Communism for Kids declares, "Communism names the society that gets rid of all the evils people suffer today in our society under capitalism." Just because that opening sentence is blatantly false on several levels doesn't make the book less genius. And that's what's so scary about Communism for Kids.

The world in which we live is flawed—obviously so. Some people kill other people. Some people go to bed hungry—so hungry, in fact, that some of them do not wake up. Some people take advantage of the weak and vulnerable. Children are aware of all that and more. No book needs to convince kids that there is great evil in this world. Bini Adamczak leverages that evil and the awareness of children into a thesis statement about the cause of "all the evils people suffer today" and the solution to all that evil.

Right off the bat, Adamczak poisons the ideological well. That should deeply concern all of us. It doesn't matter that the rest of the book is an incoherent mess that offers no real solutions and constantly doubles back in order to demolish parts of itself. It doesn't matter that the children who do read Communism for Kids will put the book down without having furthered their understanding of communism, world history, or economics, in general. It doesn't matter, because that's Adamczak's point, her objective.

All that she, and by extension the left, has to do for the book to be successful is to sow the seeds of anger and distrust against capitalism in the minds of children.

Providing the antidote to Adamczak's dishonest poison, and going back to my statement that the world in which we live is flawed, it needs to be shouted from the rooftops that the world we live in is far less flawed than it was in the past because of capitalism. Advances in medicine and technology are listed among capitalism's gifts to society. Industries like the publishing company hawking Adamczak's anti-capitalist book (a book that costs money, by the way) have flourished, providing jobs for many and revenue for authors like Bini Adamczak. The stunning economic growth in Asia over the last decade should be all the case study anyone needs, though.

As China loosened its restrictions on the market and turned to capitalism, their middle class grew and continues to grow. According to a recent report, "The rise of the Asian consumer will be a dominant economic theme for the next several decades. By 2030, it is forecast that two-thirds of the global middle class will be living in Asia."