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Chicago High School Pushes Left-Wing Racist Seminar Despite Parents’ Concerns

When a public high school in the Chicago suburbs announced that students would be required to attend an all-day seminar that focuses on leftist propaganda about “racial civil rights,” parents decided they’d had enough of indoctrination posing as education. They started a campaign to bring more balance to the program, but they have been shut down at every turn.

The All-School Seminar Day at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois, is set for February 28 and focuses on “understanding today’s struggles for racial civil rights.” It’s a full day of panel discussions led by radical left-wing speakers, covering topics such as “Behind the Veil of Racism,” “21st Century Voter Suppression,” “Examining Our Biases,” “Microaggressions: Voices from Literature,” Empowering Diversity Through a Growth Mindset,” and workshops on “Appropriate Alliances: Working in White Spaces.”

Parents are concerned that the seminar is extremely biased. For instance, the program claims that “disparities between races are defacto [sic] evidence of ‘systemic racism.” Nothing, however, is said regarding “government policies that confine poor children to failing inner city schools, devastate black families, and encourage crime and dependence.”

The seminar also fails to show true diversity by including conservative viewpoints. Instead, “systemic racism” is central to every discussion. Parents say, “That means real solutions — choice in education, federal tax, regulation, and welfare policies that encourage marriage and families, independence, and entrepreneurship — are squeezed out.”

Parents have made the case that public schools have a duty to present a balanced view of issues, but New Tier has violated its own policy by organizing a program that gives only one point of view. Parents have been pleading with school officials since October to allow the other side to be heard. Their concerns, however, have not been taken seriously, and the school has refused to incorporate their views into the seminar’s agenda.

Speakers are also a problem. One of the panelists is rapper John the Author, who has written the following lyrics:

Divide and conquer, white supremacy the silent monster

I see you sneaking in the corner trying to have some karma

We ain’t looking to know your honor, No your honor we (?) problem

The resolution is an economic revolution, All in the name of retribution, you ready? Let’s do it,

They integrated then infiltrated through immigration

The richest folk in our neighborhood ain’t even our neighbors

They take the dollar back across town, don’t you dare tell me to calm down

(?) mister doghouse, We want it all now, it’s time to push ‘em all out—I’m ready to start now

And this is from his poem “Blackenomics”:

Blackenomics nigga (repeat 8x), Black beat black, nigga, Black beat black, sugar, Black heat black, nigga, Take a back seat back nigga, Not graduate from back, Give back, nigga,Tell them get back, nigga, Blackenomics nigga (repeat 8x), Black beat black, nigga,Black eat black, sugar,Black heat black, nigga,Take a back seat back nigga,Not graduate from back,Give back, nigga,Tell them get back, nigga