5 Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids (That They Can Actually Do)

Christmas is such a wonderful time to make fun memories with your kids. Crafts are always a huge hit, but can seem daunting to begin. Hint: DON'T try to create elaborate Pinterest finds with 5-year-olds. The key is knowing your audience and playing to their strengths. Every year I throw a little Christmas party for neighbor kids and we decorate cookies and make an easy craft. Here are my favorites that won't drive you batty and are sure to please everyone.

5. Edible Christmas Trees!



Move over difficult gingerbread houses that won't stand up and take an architectural and engineering degree to figure out! Make way for the ice cream cone tree! These super simple creations are so fun and so easy even my 2-year-old can get in on the fun (which for him usually means just eating the ingredients, but who's keeping score?). Here's all you need for this awesome decoration or snack.

  • Sugar cones
  • icing
  • various candy decorations and sprinkles
  • shredded coconut (snow)
  • paper plates

Directions: Turn cone upside down and ice all over in white or green icing. Decorate with candy. Gobble down with glee. If you let it dry, it can join your Christmas village as the town tree! These are so fun and each one looks so unique and showcases your child's individualism. We love this easy and fun project!