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The Left's Fundamentalist War on Halloween

Growing up, my sisters and I weren't allowed to wear Halloween costumes. We belonged to a church that sincerely believed Halloween was the Devil's holiday and so we weren't allowed to go near it. There were many fundamentalist churches at the time that believed similarly. As religious as my mother was, her embargo of Halloween costumes was limited to our house. She was within her rights as a mom back then to decide that her own daughters would not get to dress up for Halloween...but she didn't launch a crusade to stop other people from dressing up however they wanted. Her no-Halloween-mandate ended at our front door.

Here in 2016, I've been following the Political Correctness Outrage Machine's latest manufactured scandal, where Disney was attacked recently for selling a "Moana" costume tied to its upcoming cartoon movie. In the film, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson provides the voice of the animated character "Maui," who is a Polynesian god with distinctive full-body tattoos. Disney has been badgered in recent years to be more "diverse" and to feature more "people of color" in their movies. They've been told by the Political Correctness Outrage Machine that they need to make cartoons that are based on something other than European stories about blonde princesses like Rapunzel and Elsa the Snow Queen, and that they must use "diverse" source material from other cultures around the world. Disney also is criticized when it doesn't make toys featuring every possible niche demographic out there. Yet this is all a big, dangerous catch-22 because when Disney does make a "diverse" movie and sells "diverse" products from that movie, the Political Correctness Outrage Machine revs up anyway and calls the movie "cultural appropriation" and labels the products "brownface."

I'm at a point of exasperation with all of this ever-changing, nebulous political correctness and I say enough is enough. The Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) howled, clawed, and scratched at Disney because they dared to make a "Maui" costume...which was a brown skin-toned bodysuit featuring Maui's tattoos from the movie. The SJWs declared this costume to be racist because of its brown skin tone and of course, Disney went into an apoplectic apology death spiral, begging forgiveness for selling this Halloween costume. As widely reported, one unhinged YouTube SJW said,

It's basically putting the skin of another (expletive) race onto your children and telling your children that this is OK ... that you can pretend to be another (expletive) race for Halloween.