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5 Things Disney Doesn't Want You to Know Right Now

Thinking of planning a vacation to Walt Disney World for the next year? Maybe you should think again. Here are a few things that Disney doesn’t want you to know about what they are up to in Orlando.

5. The Mouse is being generous with mosquito repellent. Suspicious.

Disney has stationed cast members all around the parks with complimentary mosquito repellant in response to Zika. Now, let’s think about that for a minute. Nothing is complimentary at Disney. They will turn you upside down and shake you for loose change before you get to the exit gates, but all of a sudden they decided to invest heavily in mosquito repellant and just give it away?

That makes me think the Zika virus problem is much worse than anyone will publicly admit. Disney is notoriously cheap, but here they are spending payroll hours staffing mosquito repellant stations in their Florida parks and giving away free repellant. To me that’s a big flashing red light saying that if you’re someone who is pregnant or hoping to get pregnant in the next few years, taking a trip to Orlando might be too much of a risk until this Zika thing is more under control.