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Here's One Surprising Childhood Trait That High Income Adults Have in Common

I have some good news for parents with children who are rebels without a cause, aka, the "rule breakers." According to a recent study, your little stinkers are going to make more money than other kids later in life.

In a recent study, the journal Developmental Psychology examined different characteristics from 700 children at age 12 and then followed them through their lives to age 52. The study aimed to document their income and how successful they became.

The survey examined characteristics ranging from levels of pessimism and impatience to defiance of parental authority and breaking the rules. It also took into account the child's IQ and the socioeconomic status of the parents.

Surprisingly, the study revealed that those children who possessed the defiant or rule-breaking trait made more money later in life. Even above IQ and socioeconomic status of the parents, being defiant was “the best non-cognitive predictor of higher income.”

Now, parents need to find a balance in teaching their children when to follow the rules and when to challenge them. Cherie Corso, a parenting blogger, says, “If there is a rule that is stopping them from reaching their goal, let them figure it out … maybe they can figure out a better solution than staying within the boundaries.”

I have always taught my children to be independent and critical thinkers, and to take a stand for what they believe in or believe to be right. If a situation challenges their moral compass or they know something isn't right, I encourage them to challenge the issue.  Allow your children to make their own mistakes, and it just might make them a smashing success!