10 Must Have Items for Your New Baby


Wondering what you really need to get ready to bring home a baby? Here is a list of 10 Must Have Items for Your Baby Registry. I suggest these because they were used so much in my house during our child’s first year that I cannot imagine living without them!

#10  A Backpack Diaper Bag


Two straps, one for each shoulder! Holding a wiggly baby and trying to keep a 1-strap bag around your shoulder can be a hopeless task. We love how our backpack-style diaper bag works. And when you pick out the backpack, I recommend having Dad give his input. Some Daddies, as wonderful as they are with their children, just do not want to carry a hot pink backpack with them everywhere they go. We chose a nice red bag that works with our son and will work well if we ever have a daughter. We looked at several options and I asked my husband which bag he would be willing to carry. We still use the one he picked out and it works great for us.

#9  A Great Laundry Detergent

Just find one you like that works. I use this recipe and make my own ($30 gives me a one year supply of detergent and this stuff gets out baby food and stains like magic!)


#8  A Pack and Play (PnP)


We found our PnP to be extremely useful at home and while traveling or visiting with friends for more than a few hours. Because our family has a large and overly helpful dog who frequently trips over us, a safe play space is very valuable when I need to unload groceries or if I am making dinner. If you have a two-story house, a PnP gives your child a place to rest without Momma having to climb stairs. In the first few weeks, as we established a feeding and sleeping routine, we found the newborn napper attachment that came with ours to be an easy way to let baby safely sleep in our room. This saved a delirious Mom many zombie-like steps when it was time for the 2 a.m. feeding! We also travel quite frequently, so having a bed that folds up easily and is familiar to our son helps tremendously.

#7  Onesies Galore!

Here's a tip: just start buying a onesie each time you go to the store while you're pregnant, especially in the 0-6 month size. Babies produce many liquids and solids that seep onto clothes faster than you can stop them, so wardrobe changes will be necessary -- multiples times some days! Then, right around six months, babies will start to incorporate solids into their diets, which can lead to a whole new round of clothing stains. Stock up on those onesies and you can spread out your laundry washing days a bit more (leaving more time to snuggle your sweet babe!). Plus, an extra layer will sometimes stop a diaper overflow and preserve that cute outfit you wanted baby in for the day.

#6  Baskets. Lots of Baskets.

As I write this I am thinking about how I need to order even more baskets! The dollar store can be the most budget-friendly route if you just need baskets now, or you can invest in the nice canvas baskets that may last a little longer (provided your toddler learns to handle them gently!). Getting toys out of sight was my biggest sanity saver at the end of the day. Tripping over one more toy could really be the straw that broke Momma camel’s back at the end of a bad day. Get your baskets and pick those toys up!