Call for Post-Election 'Unity' Fails the Giggle Test

In the days following the election, we’ve heard a lot about unity. This year, 53 percent of the voters cast their ballots for Barack Obama, and we’re being told that the country unified to elect him. In 2004, 51 percent of the nation voted to reelect Bush — but back then we were a country divided.


I hear that because Obama came out seven points ahead of John McCain that he won in a landslide. If you want to talk landslide, remember that Ronald Reagan won his first election against Jimmy Carter by nine points. He then went on to win his second term against Walter Mondale by 18 points. Now that’s a landslide.

Still, we did elect the candidate of hope and change — coming soon to a much larger government near you.

Speaking of unity: over the past eight years, many on the left made it known that they had no use for unity. For example, “embarrassed” by George Bush, noted political commentator Julia Roberts said, “He’s not my president.” Unflattering comparisons of Bush to chimpanzees and Hitler and claims of his inherent stupidity dotted the blogosphere. While the legacy media couldn’t quite get away with calling Bush the heir to the Third Reich, they did everything they could to discredit the president and his policies, even if it meant printing leaks of sensitive programs designed to keep Americans safe in the wake of 9/11.

Now that The One has emerged victorious, the need for unity is suddenly imperative. During his acceptance speech, Obama said that even if he didn’t win your vote, “I will be your president.” Former Carter hack and MSNBC “journalist” Chris Matthews wants to “do everything I can to make this thing work, this new presidency work. … Yeah, it’s my job. My job is to help this country.” I thought his job was to impartially report the news of the day with a minimum amount of drooling, but what do I know? And, perhaps even more important, celebrities who built their fabulous careers and made their fabulous fortunes in America can join Michelle Obama in finally being proud of their country.


Another example of this sudden need for peace, love, and reconciliation is the website From 52 to 48 with Love. Perhaps they chose the site name before the final vote tally was in. Created by the same type of “feelings first” folks who brought you Sorry Everybody, a site that apologized to the world for the 2004 reelection of George Bush, it’s populated with photos of people holding handmade signs with saccharine sentiments like, “Dear 48, I PROMISE: to listen to you, to fight for you, to respect you always. Love, 52.” It’s an interesting reaction, considering signs like this one that appeared on Sorry Everybody in 2004: “I am so sorry. Next time we’ll get the b****** for real O.K.”

Wow. Liberals went from being sore losers to gracious winners. All except the woman who emailed a friend of mine who ran a pro-McCain site: “Obama won, b****.” Guess she didn’t get the touchy-feely memo.

By the way, Sorry Everybody has now morphed into Hello Everybody! (Kind of like Hello Kitty! but without the cute accessories.) “Hello, world. Let’s get to know each other again. We cool?” I’m surprised the site isn’t accompanied by a soundtrack featuring such heartwarming tunes as “Kumbaya,” “I Love You, You Love Me,” and “It’s a Small World.” Maybe on Hello Everybody! 2.0.

Yes, unity now exists in America and across the world — even the squabbling ladies on The View have declared a truce. Obama does indeed have the ability to heal and to make the oceans recede, just like he promised. In fact, he may even have the ability to heal Congress. Nancy Pelosi predicted shortly before the election that “if the Democrats win and have substantial majorities, Congress of the United States will be more bipartisan.”


It’s easy to be magnanimous in victory. But despite the sudden reversal of fortune and the typical hypocrisy accompanying it, what I have to wonder is this: what exactly do those who are calling for unity mean? I’m not talking about unity during war and crisis, although that kind of noble sentiment suffered a crushing blow from the collective college student and flower child temper tantrum during the Vietnam War.

Just a few short years ago, actor Tim Robbins, who may or may not know the definition of the word “ironic,” stood before the National Press Club and warned of a “chill wind blowing” because those who spoke out against our going into Iraq faced criticism by those who disagreed. He and others like him were considered brave for expressing their opinions, as though they faced imprisonment, torture, or even death for doing so. Just like Raul Rivero and others in Cuba. It really brings a tear to my eye.

Today, we have Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) suggesting that, in today’s climate, a politically divided government isn’t necessarily a good thing. He also believes the Fairness Doctrine should make a comeback, likening talk radio to pornography. We’re told we need a “commander in chief right now that’s going to give the country a hug.” We must all rally round. As someone from another country I’ve never met before said in an unsolicited email to me, “Don’t be bitter. Give him a chance and trust me you will love him too.”


I feel like I have to take a shower now.

Those who didn’t vote for Obama and may have some serious concerns about his domestic and foreign policy are also being called “haters” by some, as in this blog comment (all spelling, grammar, and syntax from the original):

WHO GIVES A **** *** WHAT YOU THINK, YOU HATERS!!!! With 365 electoral votes, 53% of the popular vote, Barack Obama is OUR — meaning the United States of America, who elects our leaders by the majority of votes, according to the US Constitution — 44th President of the United States!!!!!! Michele Obama is OUR — again the United States of America — First Lady. Barack, Michele, Malia and Sasha Obama is the First Family. And nothing, not your OPINIONS nor your hate, can change that FACT!!!

Obviously, something must be done, and such dissent cannot be tolerated in our brave new world.

And that’s the crux of the issue, isn’t it? The left has assumed power — whether it be temporary or long-lived — and the dissent that these self-proclaimed tolerant progressives wore as a badge of honor during the Bush years suddenly is no longer desirable. From bullying children in the classroom to using fear of the economy to get those who tried “to make sure that Barack Obama would not become president of the United States” to march in lockstep with the progressive agenda, these are the means to the end of “unity.”


You know, there’s political unity in China, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia. Just a thought.


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