FLASH: Iraqi Tribes Battle al-Qaeda. 39 Terrorists Killed

The tribe involved in the clashes has opposed al-Qaeda for months now and is part of the Awakening Council

The battles that are still ongoing have so far left 39 terrorists killed including the “ministers of oil and war” of the terror organization. Six policemen and 11 tribal fighters were also killed during the fighting.


The report adds that US troops found and securely detonated a tanker filled with chlorine gas the terrorists were planning to use in chemical attacks on the area.

Meanwhile, a police force of 500, conducting raids in northern and central parts of Ramadi, captured weapons and bomb-making material, and arrested dozens of suspects.


UPDATE: More on the tribes involved — “These tribes have been sending thousands of young men to join the government security forces or their paramilitary units to cooperate with US and Iraqi commanders to fight insurgents.” (AFP)


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