Al Gore Calls Climate Change a 'Life or Death Battle' in Fiery Speech

Former Vice President Al Gore called climate change a “life or death battle.”

“Must we change? Yes we have to change. This is our generation’s life or death battle,” Gore said during the keynote address at the C40 Climate Summit in Copenhagen with mayors from around the world. “Is the generation of people alive today made up of moral cowards? Are we really so easily manipulated into lethargic complacency by an organized campaign by polluters — purchased and paid for by the polluters — who are the principal source of this global warming pollution to pull the wool over our eyes, to deceive us?”


Gore said he realizes that it is “extremely difficult” for government leaders to ask the public to “imagine the consequences of the choices we make today for good or ill.” He called on mayors to help lead the fight against climate change.

“I’m here to recruit you. We need your help. The world needs your help,” Gore said.



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