Elizabeth Warren: Trump 'Believed He Could Break the Law and Get Away with It'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said President Donald Trump broke the law during his conversation with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“The president asking for help against one of his political rivals and asking a foreign government for a thing of value for himself personally — that’s against the law. And after all that happened in 2016 and the Mueller investigation, the president of the United States knows that,” Warren told CNN. “This is not he somehow stumbled into it and didn’t think about the consequences. No, he knew. He believed he could break the law and get away with it and so did his administration.”


Warren continued, “Look, they didn’t leave that transcript in the regular course of transcripts of phone calls with foreign leaders. Why? Because it wasn’t a regular call. It was a call that violated the law and so their immediate instinct is: Let’s block it out. Let’s make sure nobody can see it. Let’s cover it up.”

Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked if there is an existing law that she thinks Trump broke during his conversation but she declined to answer.

Warren added that she hopes the impeachment process is over by the time voting begins in the Democratic presidential primary.

“I hope that it is. I’d like to see us get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible and then let people vote,” she said. “I think this a lot bigger than politics. I think everyone in Congress should be called on to vote — everyone who took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and then they should have to live with that vote forever.”


Addressing the phone conversation with Trump, Zelensky said, “It was normal. We spoke about many things. So I think you read it that nobody pushed me.”



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