Sanders Predicts Medicare Fraud Will Go Down 'Significantly' Under Medicare for All

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a Democratic presidential candidate, predicted that the current level of Medicare fraud will “go significantly down” under his Medicare for all proposal.


In fiscal year 2017, fraud reportedly cost the Medicare program more than $36 billion in improper payments. Improper payments totaled almost $50 billion last fiscal year.

Sanders was asked how he plans to tackle Medicare fraud if the program is expanded to cover every American.

“When you have a system that is motivated by greed and profiteering, that’s what you’re going to have. When you have a system which is non-profit, whose function is to provide health care to all, I think the level of fraud will go significantly down and we’re going to monitor that very very carefully,” Sanders said at a town hall in Florence, S.C. on Friday.




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