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Obama's Bigotry Paved the Way for Trump's

The president of the United States is a bigot. That’s what people will say if Donald Trump wins the election in November. But they should be saying it now. From Politico:

President Barack Obama hammered Republicans on Tuesday for not budging on issues that disproportionately affect women, such as equal pay and paid family leave, saying his administration has had to “keep looking for ways to get stuff done.”

“We’ve gotten some things done through executive actions. When we had a cooperative Congress we got a whole lot more done,” he said on Tuesday afternoon at the United State of Women Summit, lamenting the lack of movement on the national minimum wage and affordable childcare, among other issues.

He said there’s an urgent need “to retool our system so that modern families and modern businesses can thrive.”

He also said it’s time women assume more powerful roles both in government and in the corporate world. “It would help if we had more women in Congress, it would help if we had more women in the corner suite. I have a corner suite, by the way. Just making that connection for you,” he added in jest.

Obama thus employed precisely the same argument against men in Congress that Trump did against federal judge Gonzalo Curiel. Obama said, in essence, that male congressmen should be recused from their role for no other reason than being male. He even modeled it with the self-deprecating suggestion that his successor should be chosen on account of gender.

This is, in part, why Trump has been embraced and continues to be defended. Bigotry has been widely accepted so long as it has been aimed in politically correct directions. For many who feel abused and disenfranchised by the left’s bigotry, the time has come to counter it with their own. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.