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In Minnesota, 'Black Lives Matter' Threatens to Shut Down a School

Yes, you read that right. The racial agitation group, known for breaking the law and violating the rights of innocent people, now plans to literally come between kids and their education. From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Black Lives Matter St. Paul is demanding the firing of a Como Park Senior High teacher who the group claims portrayed students as drug dealers and gang bangers when he vented in social media about a lack of district support in discipline matters.

The group has threatened a “shut-down action” at the school if special-education teacher Theo Olson still is on the job Monday.

The remarks in question were hardly inflammatory. Olson criticized disciplinary policies as inconsistent with the educational mission, leaving teachers with ineffective measures against unruly students. Race was not even mentioned. More than that, Olson has marched with Black Lives Matter and has otherwise supported their cause. None of that matters, however, to lead agitator Rashad Turner, who has called Olson “an example of a white supremacist teacher.”

Naturally, as has been the habit of authorities when dealing with threats from Black Lives Matter, the school is moving to capitulate. The principal is scheduled to meet with Turner on Monday, because nothing deters threats like legitimizing their perpetrator’s cause.