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Black Lives Matter vs. 100,000 Winter Sports Fans: Who Will Win?

The Black Lives Matter movement is at it again, this time announcing its intention to shut down a popular winter sporting event in Minnesota. From the Pioneer Press:

Black Lives Matter St. Paul plans a protest at Red Bull Crashed Ice, saying they’ll hold a “nonviolent shutdown action” if a St. Paul police sergeant is not fired over comments he made on Facebook about protesters.

The group said Monday it will demonstrate Feb. 27 during the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship.

Crashed Ice has drawn more than 100,000 people to downtown in years past, and Mayor Chris Coleman has said it brought in millions of dollars for local businesses last year…

Someone needs to explain what a “nonviolent shutdown action” is. Black Lives Matter continues to benefit from the description of their actions as “non-violent” or “peaceful” when nothing could be further from the truth. What kind of action results in the shutdown of an event? Use of force, that’s what. You don’t have to punch someone in the face to violate them. Trespassing on others’ property or obstructing their movement is a violation of their rights, and cannot be honestly labeled “peaceful.”

The Red Bull Crashed Ice event attracts tens of thousands of winter sports enthusiasts who get together to drink and watch athletes take on physical challenges. These aren’t pushovers. It will be interesting to see how they react to Black Lives Matter agitators attempting to shut down their event.

The St. Paul Police Department has historically assumed a submissive posture toward Black Lives Matter, allowing them to shut down the Minnesota State Fair among other offenses. Put another way, they have allowed Black Lives Matter to break the law. Will they show similar leniency toward anyone who takes the law into their own hands when confronted by criminal protesters? Perhaps we’ll see on February 27th.