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Christian College to Part Ways with Hijab-Wearing Professor

(AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)

Brace yourselves. The claims of Christian bigotry are coming. A Christian college in the Midwest will part ways with one of its professors who has generated controversy by both wearing a hijab, in solidarity with American Muslims, and claiming that Christians and Muslims worship the same god. From the Associated Press:

In a statement posted on Wheaton College’s website, the school and Larycia Hawkins said they “have reached a confidential agreement under which they will part ways.” The statement didn’t go into details.

The college had placed Hawkins, a Christian and an associate professor of political science, on leave in December after she posted her views on Facebook. Hawkins also began wearing a hijab, the headscarf worn by some Muslim women, to counter what she called “vitriolic” rhetoric against Muslims.

Shortly afterward, the college began efforts to dismiss her despite objections by some faculty members.

Hawkins and the college will stage a joint press conference on Wednesday to address their reasons for parting ways. Until then, neither party is talking about the situation publicly.

It doesn’t take much to imagine how this story will be spun. Wheaton’s administration will no doubt be accused of bigotry and intolerance. When Islamic institutions start hanging crosses and denouncing fundamental doctrines of Islam, maybe we can talk.