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West Coast, Messed Coast: Lootie Vuitton Edition

West Coast, Messed Coast: Lootie Vuitton Edition
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Welcome to the West Coast, Messed Coast Lootie Vuitton edition, where we find San Francisco media only too happy to explain that stealing stuff from the luxe Louis Vuitton and Burberry isn’t really looting.

No sirree. This is “organized robbery.”

Using the word “looting” is racist.

KGO-TV explains that some professor from some God-forsaken university says using the word “looting” connotes racism because “urban dwellers” tend to do it.

No, you’re not the only person out there who thinks defining down crime and giving it a new name is the dumbest thing to put in that handbasket going to hell. So, what should they call it instead? PJ Media’s Rick Moran has a collection of the more colorful responses to this, which I urge you to read.

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Speaking of handbaskets to hell, when she isn’t watching an out of town football team at a local bar with what appears to be her–hiccup–hus– hic!-band, a San Diego County commissioner, the woman who tried to single-handedly ruin all freelance jobs in California, is back to ruin more of them on behalf of her paymasters in the unions.

State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, a notorious AB-5 peddler, now plans to kill jobs through what is basically state-imposed unionization, one sector at a time.

The California Policy Center reports that the so-called FAST Act would create an eleven-member “Fast Food Sector Council” to dictate pay, hours, and other standards for fast food chains. The state would effectively become the collective bargaining unit for all employees against the restaurants. And who gets to name those people to the committee? Aw, you guessed it: the governor and speaker of the Assembly are Democrats, and the state Senate Rules Committee is run by Democrats.

Start drinking. Hic!

In Seattle, Covid vaccine mandates killed a man. KTTH radio’s Jason Rantz first reported and the New York Post confirmed that understaffing due to Covid shot mandates prevented a man from being saved as he suffered a heart attack. A computer snafu and inability to get officers and medics to the house after multiple emergency calls left the father of four, Will Yurek, dead. Now the family is suing the city of Seattle.

“People need to know how the city let this happen,” said Meagan [Peterson], who is divorced from Will and lives in Utah. “They could have saved Will if the system was working like it should.”

Firefighters and police officers I spoke to said they believe they could have saved the man’s life had there not been a shortage of cops. By the end of 2020, 200 police officers had left the Seattle police force.

Remember that safety net politicians used to talk about all the time?

This is Kate Brown. She’s in charge of Oregon.


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