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There's a Dangerous Homeless Camp by a Seattle School. What Could Go Wrong?

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If you thought the violence at CHAZ was bad, you haven’t been introduced to Seattle’s other homeless pods of wanton degeneracy.

Allow me to be your Sherpa.

Somewhere along the line, the West Coast’s elected Leftists and their like-minded NGO comrades decided that squalor, filth, and open-air drug markets in pods of sun-faded tents were the “compassionate” things to offer fentanyl-addled citizens. Their profligacy has taken hold, ruining parts of nearly every metropolitan area from San Diego to Seattle. The tent cities begat other tent cities, which begat more crime and fear.

The West Coast’s “Ten Years to End Homelessness” efforts undertaken in the aughts have been re-upped every few years to beguile a new set of voters who hadn’t noted the previous failures.

There are entire repositories of stolen bikes and other pilfered merchandise inside the polyester confines of these tent cities.

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Tent city occupants are armed because they know how dangerous these places are. Unless there’s a murder, nobody’s checking for permits or serial numbers.

The people who insist you be forced to take an experimental vaccine “for the greater good” enable and encourage the very real, existential public health hazards inside these tent cities. Bed-wetting, drugged, and half-conscious people live where Hepatitis A proliferates, cholera is feared, and something called shigellosis is taking hold. Suddenly E. coli just isn’t that big a deal anymore.

No one’s asking for their vaccination passports.

And yet, there is a huge homeless encampment next to a Seattle school. The “compassionate” people have done the math with their intersectional abacus to discover that the homeless druggies matter more than the safety of the children.

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Jason Rantz, a Seattle-based radio talk host, has taken video of homeless encampments in several parts of the area, but none is more fraught than the one encampment set up next to the Broadview-Thomson K-8 school in the Bitter Lake area of Seattle. This is a neighborhood where people pay handsomely to get away from from crime-prone riff raff.  Now home owners are just expected to suck it up.

On the “bright” side, capitalism has taken hold at the encampment. In addition to the drug markets, the hookers have begun showing up to “service” the campers.

Just in the last week, homeless people from the camp were seen openly brawling with one another or outsiders and shooting up in full view. And there have been more sightings of sex workers wandering in and out of the encampment.

Seattle Public Schools and the fringe school board, however, refuse to act. The encampment is slated to be addressed — maybe — in September.

The only thing to separate the brawlers from the school is a cyclone fence. A lock on a gate separates the camp from the playground. I’m sure no one has a bolt cutter in the pile of stolen tools.

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But the school board doesn’t support sweeping out the homeless camp because board members apparently believe they’re in charge of the homelessness or something.

School Board President Chandra Hampson and Director Zachary DeWolf worked behind the scenes to prevent the city of Seattle from sweeping encampments on or around school property. They argue it’s inhumane.

Seattle Public Schools affirmed that position, stating that “simply removing them from district property won’t result in a permanent solution,” given that campers often “move between city and district owned properties.” [emphasis added]

Sadly, that’s not the worst of it. Parts of Seattle are no-go zones because of the very real possibility that some drugged-out nut with a shiv will come at you.

At Seattle’s King County Courthouse, the adjacent homeless camp is so dangerous that the sheriff issued an edict that staff members work remotely.

Rantz reports:

[Sheriff Mitzi] Johanknecht cites the “unsafe environment around the courthouse, administration, parking garage, and corrections facilities,” along with labor union concerns, as contributing factors in her decision. The announcement was made in a Monday memo to office staff. The King County Sheriff’s Office is located in the courthouse in downtown Seattle.

The move comes days after a homeless man was charged after allegedly attempting to rape a seven-month pregnant woman in a county courthouse bathroom.

Next door, City Hall Park has become overrun with homeless people. It’s been the site of a stabbing homicide, a brutal kicking-death of a senior citizen’s dog, a recent fatal drug overdose, and frequent assaults. The City of Seattle refuses to sweep the encampment as community activists claim all sweeps are inhumane.

In nearby Everett, a seven-year-old kid’s charity lemonade stand was shut down in a local park, but the local homeless encampment has been given the old ole´ by elected people who take an oath to protect the citizens. Rantz writes:

As if it was to make the point [about safety], a homeless man wandered by while Elsa and her grandmother did an interview with KING 5 about the debacle. He was completely naked.

Oh, look, here he is.

In California and Oregon, fires that got out of control at homeless encampments caused more homelessness because of all the homes they burned down.


When the homeless tent cities overran the Orange County, California, courthouse a few years ago, a county employee, whose job it is to connect homeless people to services, told me why everyone was camping out.

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She told me it’s because they got to spend their government money on drugs while getting free rent and amenities.

The sentiment is universal.

This sign was spotted in Portland, proving the point.

Smoke your rent, live in a tent!

They could live in a shelter, but why live in a shelter when you have to stay sober? Why not just camp out for free, eat for free, and stay high while collecting your government check? Why park your RV in a campground when you can bank the rent money to use for drugs and park on the street for free?

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West Coast states have suffered dramatic increases in homelessness because these so-called leaders encourage more people to come. By not enforcing camping ordinances and other quality-of-life crimes, they tacitly invite other people to come there and pitch a tent, drive their RVs, and park in front of people’s houses or at the local parks, creating instant high-crime areas.

Homeless advocates assume tent city occupants can’t be told to move along because it would hurt their feelings, or they believe it’s their job to use other people’s money to provide homes.

Getting people help for drugs is the compassionate thing to do. If they don’t want to help themselves by getting clean then they can move along to a place that doesn’t enforce the law.

Like Seattle and the entire West Coast.