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Stop Everything and Watch This Cop Apologize for 'Robbing' a Kid

(Image: @SGTCannonPIO Screenshot)

The second after he said it, the cop knew it was wrong.

Have you ever said a word to a child in haste without appreciating just how much it might be understood by a young brain and sweet spirit? The look on their face. You desperately want a do-over.

As a mom, wife, school volunteer, work out buddy, or professional in the workplace, I’ve said things that have come off as sharp or worse. Sometimes I’m even aware of it.

Utah County Sheriffs Deputy Greer Haymond knew he’d blown it the second after a kid walked to his patrol car, knocked on his cop cruiser window, and offered to buy his lunch while he sat in line at the Spanish Fork, Utah In-N-Out Burger.

Haymond, on the phone talking about a case with another deputy, gave the kid a throw away line, “Oh, no, I’m good. Thank you, though.”

The father of three immediately got that feeling you get when you know you’ve blown it. His conscience told him he had to make this right. So, Haymond cowboy’d up and issued a video in an attempt to find the kid to apologize. Why? He’d robbed that child of an act of kindness.

The longtime cop and K-9 handler said:

I don’t usually post videos like this, but I feel I need to make this video and I need to get it out there.

Trying to maintain his composure, he continued:

Young man, I want to apologize to you. I didn’t give you the attention, one, that you deserved, and two, I want to apologize for denying you an act of kindness. I’m sorry I’ve denied you that.

If anyone knows who this young man is, please reach out to me. … I would love to take this young man out for a meal and just let him know just how great of a young man he is and just how sorry I am for denying him an opportunity to be kind. Cuz that what’s we all need right now is acts of kindness.

So, young man, I’m sorry. Please reach out. I want to get to know you cuz you’re a fine young man.

The Utah County Sheriffs Office Public Information Officer told PJ Media that the boy’s name is Luke. Luke’s mom and Deputy Haymond arranged for the two to get together for a meal in the next week.

The cop, a bona fide hero for past exploits,  got some big ups from the likes of former National Security Adviser Robert C. O’Brien, who retweeted former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz’s mention about how right Haymond’s “priorities” are.

Exactly right.

You might want to keep this video around for the next time some masked Leftist says that all cops are predators and bad people.