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Portland Antifa Family Sends Out Christmas Cards Complete With Hoodie-Wearing Black Bloc Baby

(Screenshot Andy Ngo, Twitter)

The People’s Republic of Portland antifa comrades send their very best Christmas wishes in a card that bypasses “virtue” signaling and goes straight to flat-out weird.

Antifa watcher, journalist Andy Ngo, got a look at the Christmas card – not a holiday card, not a solstice card but an actual Christmas card – that one “militant antifa” is sending out this Christmas.

It features the photo of the man Ngo said promised to “stab” him. In the photo, the man, his wife and baby are all dressed in black bloc clothes. The woman is dressed in a black dress and has obviously styled her long hair. Dad has on a black sports coat and black tie. Baby wears a black hoodie. It is Christmas, you know.

They wear antifa fasc-ion helmets to match their black clothes. Gas masks cover their noses and mouths. They show off their “eyes and ears,” tactical glasses and ear protection – the better to withstand the effects of their Molotov cocktails or IEDs thrown at police.

Ordinarily, the point of dressing in this get-up would be to hide their identities, but why do that when you can show off your noble and virtuous sides by showing everyone that you oppose fascists who, judging by the photo of that crown molding, are probably their well-off neighbors.

Ngo wrote:

Cloyd Dixon Rauch, a militant antifa in Portland who promised to stab me, is actually a middle class family man who is giving away Christmas postcards of him in black bloc w/his partner Casey Rauch & child. Both husband & wife have radical beliefs they conceal behind wealthy life

Antifa greeting cards are fairly plentiful in the retail world. As someone who came up with a line of designs mocking antifa and having one of them rejected because it wasn’t politically correct enough (the word “fraud” was used), there is clearly a double standard out there.

The photo looks like the ones published in The Washington Post in August at the height of the nation’s riots. The Post did a huge feature story using before and after photos of rioters in their regular clothes and then in their antifa costumes. Embracing the anarchist rioters, as the Post did, was absolutely shocking and outrageous. It was a “fasc-ion” spread normalizing their totalitarian behavior.

Now it has come to Christmas. God help us.

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