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Since Twitter Is 'Fact-Checking,' Here Are Some Tweets We'd Like Them to Take a Look At

Since Twitter Is 'Fact-Checking,'  Here Are Some Tweets We'd Like Them to Take a Look At
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Social media giant Twitter is taking upon itself the challenge of arbitrating what is truth and fiction about President Trump’s tweets. The reputed Minister of Truth at Twitter, Yoel Roth, whose job it is to determine that there is no such thing as mail-in ballot fraud, you imbecilic “tangerine racist,” “Nazi” lover, has determined that Trump’s prediction of voter fraud is “misleading.”

Minister of Truth Roth made sure to refer people to news sites, manned by the same reporters who brought you that crack reportage on the Trump spying scandal. The president refers to the spying scandal as “Obamagate,” but we’ll defer to your judgment, @Jack and Yoel, if you find that name “misleading.” You know best, of course.

Still, hope springs eternal, and as long as you’re in the business of truth-detecting political thought and opinion, here are a few tweets that the rest of America would like to have checked out by the Twitteratti at Twitterster of Truth.

Twitter’s Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post “Never Trump” “conservative” Jennifer Rubin for years has exulted in every negative piece of Trump information and often put herself in the service of polishing Adam Schiff’s turds, where this laughable list of lies undoubtedly came from. She wrote in December 2019:

No one spied on the Trump campaign. The Steele dossier did not set off the Russia investigation. Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, were not decision-makers and didn’t taint the investig. In short, screwy accusations smearing the FBI were false.

But there isn’t one thing about this tweet that is true.

We’ll guess that the Twitteratti at the Twitterster of Truth will label it “mostly true.”

Twitter’s Rep. Ted Lieu

Congressman Ted Lieu of Los Angeles is the most laugh-inducing designated Democratic pitbull since Michael Avenatti and before that Anthony Wiener, but here are just a couple of examples of his tweets that perhaps should be given the President Trump Twitterster of Truth treatment.

Here’s a tweet in which he accuses now Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh of being a “sexual deviant.” Note who Lieu uses for a source on that. Convicted felon Michael Avenatti.

In this one, we learn that the congressman, who should serve at the right hand of Adam Schiff’s Misinformation Office, believes that the Steel dossier, the clumsy Christopher Steele memos that floated the idea of germaphobe Trump paying hookers to pee on a bed, was true.

After all the hype and misleading statements by
@realDonaldTrump, Nunes & #GOP, one glaring fact stares them in the face: No one can say the relevant parts of the Steele Dossier are false.

The only “relevant” part of this, Ted, is that it isn’t true.

That’s why we predict that the Twitterster of Truth will label this one “mostly true.”

Here’s another Lieu tweet from December 2018 in which he states as fact that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen went to Prague “to meet with Russians in 2016” and also that the Steele pile of memos “has lots of truth.”

GOP & @realDonaldTrump used Michael Cohen’s denials that he was never in Prague to cast aspersions on the damning Steele Dossier, which stated Cohen was in Prague meeting with Russians in 2016.

Why are folks leaking this info? Maybe because the Steele Dossier has lots of truth.

Michael Cohen did not go to Prague to meet with Russians or anybody else.

That said, we predict that the Twitterster of Truth will label this one “true.”

Twitter’s James Comey

Fired FBI leader James Comey has spent much of the last three years trying to stick his finger in another hole in the dike of his reputation. When the Michael Horowitz inspector general’s report came out in December of 2019 on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) shenanigans, Comey was ready with an op-ed he wrote for the Washington Post, to which he helpfully linked to this tweet.

So it was all lies. No treason. No spying on the campaign. No tapping Trumps wires. It was just good people trying to protect America

In fact, the report established that the FBI was spying on Trump and using humans to do it. The former NSA Chief, Admiral Mike Rogers, is also cooperating with the U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the spying program. As Comey knows they didn’t have to tap Trump’s phones to get conversations. That’s what they had other suspects for. As for the predication of the spying program itself? Durham and Attorney General Bill Barr took exception with Horowitz’s findings on predication, which is why Durham is looking into it.

We expect that the Twitterster of Truth will label this tweet “noble.”

Twitter’s Rep. Adam Schiff

This one, as we know, is, well, laughable, knowing now how Congressman Adam Schiff hid the testimony of such luminaries as Susan Rice, James Clapper, and John Brennan, who testified that there was no evidence that Trump had any conspiracy going with the Russians to win office.

Schiff protested that AG Bill Barr’s investigation into the phony Russia collusion fiction was a waste of time.

In this CBS tweet, Schiff promises “direct evidence” of Russian collusion, though there was none. Ever.

We expect that the Twitterster of Truth will label these Schiff tweets as “mostly true.”

Twitter’s Hillary Clinton

The woman who ordered the compilation of and paid for the Steele “dossier,” along with the DNC, told the media that “she was “convinced” there was collusion between Russia and Trump aides.”

It must be true then.

Twitter’s Rep. Eric Swalwell

Congressman Eric Swalwell of California – there must be something in the water there – confirmed that not only was there evidence of collusion but that Trump destroyed documents and must be a Russian spy.

The former head of the DNC, when it was allegedly “hacked” and John Podesta’s emails were splayed publicly, never allowed the FBI to look at the DNC server. The FBI subsequently took the word of a third party, “Crowdstrike,” for information about the emails. The emails also showed that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign against Bernie Sanders.

DWS Tweets

Instead, the Florida congresswoman pointed to Trump, saying, The reported contact between Trump’s aides and Russia “reeks of collusion.”

We’re sure the Twitterster of Truth will find in favor of the Democrat. Every time.


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