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LA County Sheriff Frees THOUSANDS MORE Prisoners and Then Throws Himself a Self-Congratulatory Parade

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Law enforcement leaders across the U.S. have used the COVID-19 crisis to free prisoners that they ardently wanted to free anyway. Even as the worst of the plague has passed over the land, elected leaders are still freeing crooks from the jails. This isn’t as a favor to the rest of us, it’s in service to the elected leaders’ social justice friends and personal (or George Soros’s) political agendas.

This brings us to hapless LA Sheriff, Alex Villanueva, who announced on Monday that LA County’s jail population is lighter by 25% thanks to him!

In a tone of self-awe, the sheriff gave himself a huge pat on the back for freeing the criminals.

“In the wildest dreams of the ACLU, all of the different groups who have been activists in that regard about the jail system, they never would have thought it would have been possible. But we took the responsible approach. We started with those who had 30-days or less of their sentence, misdemeanor crimes, we went with those who are at-risk because of their age or prior condition, then we started working on pre-trial detentions and and technical parole violations. And it’s really kind of humorous because we got a letter from a long list of organizations that are advocating on behalf of those incarcerated in the jail system and they were asking us for doing things that we had already initiated two weeks earlier.”

Well give this man a parade.

And it would be a very long parade. There would be 4,200 entrants in that parade. Four thousand two hundred.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s direct your attention to that synchronized drill team of wife beaters.

What moves these men have. One, two, three, four, upper cut, left hook, upper cut, left hook.

That choreographed fight and strangulation scene was on point! The way he grabbed her. It looked so real.

And look! That must be the AB-109 drill team!

They’re the assaulters, rapists and violent felons who were lateraled over to the county jails from state prisons. They have only 30 days or less of their sentence.

That tire iron twirling drill team – well, it was awe-inspiring, really. Huzzah!

Will you look at that?  This must be the parole and probation running team! Look at the way they gather into a group and then peel off arms akimbo followed by that push-pull move with the guy with the badge! It gave me tingles!

The only good news besides the “humorous” issue about letting out the criminals before agitation groups demanded it, was the part about how reported crimes have gone down during this lockdown. It seems that when crime victims don’t make themselves readily available there are fewer crimes of opportunity. The sheriff indicated he doesn’t expect that to last.

Among this “good” news, is that the number of child abuse cases has plummeted by half this month over last year’s April tally. But like the drops in other crime, the sheriff believes this only means that fewer mandatory reporters, such as doctors and teachers, are seeing kids.

In LA County, not the incorporated City of LA, 19 businesses and one individual were arrested for violating the COVID-19 health orders. That one individual was the infamous Malibu paddleboarder.

It’s galling when the head lawman of one of the most populous counties in the country threatens to arrest people over getting too close, then frees actual criminals and throws himself a self-congratulatory parade over it.

There outta be a law.