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Watch Adam Schiff Tell Three Laughable Impeachment Whoppers in Less Than 90 Seconds


It has been entertaining, to say the least, watching the “sad” and “somber” way in which the Democrats have conducted themselves on the Trump impeachment proceedings.

If the efforts to undo a presidential election, flout the Constitution and subvert the will of the American people using politically weaponized illegal surveillance and phony charges weren’t so serious – and welcomed by so many many Democrats – it would be laughable.

For the “laughable” part of this pathetic scenario we turn to Adam Schiff. The primary House Manager for impeachment, who should be a material witness in the case for his dealings with the amazing, disappearing “whistleblower,” worshiped at the altar of “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” on ABC News on Sunday. Schiff gamely reacted to the Trump legal team’s first assertion that the House impeachment charges are facially unconstitutional.

Harvard Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, who will argue the unconstitutionality of the charges before the U.S. Senate impeachment trial, told Stephanopoulos why:

Dershowitz argued that there’s no crime alleged against Trump. The constitutional law expert says case closed.

But Schiff, who manages to say the most outrageous things while looking serial-killer calm, threw fairness, the U.S. Constitution and Dershowitz under the bus:

Schiff called the Constitution “out of the mainstream” then called the 50 year-long Harvard Constitutional and criminal law expert a mere “defense lawyer”:

“You have to rely on that even if he abused his office in this horrendous way that it’s not impeachable, you had to go so far out of the mainstream to find someone to make that argument you had to leave the realm of constitutional law scholars and and go to criminal defense lawyers.”

And for his piece de resistance, Schiff, who presided over one of the most secretive and outrageously unfair proceedings in American history called for “a fair trial”:

The Democrat House Manager is calling for a rolling, never-ending impeachment in search of a crime.

Schiff appears to have stolen his Dershowitz-doesn’t-know-what-he’s-talking-about riff from another Harvard Law prof, the reliably hair-on-fire Leftist, Laurence Tribe, who told the Martha’s Vineyard Times:

“My former colleague Alan Dershowitz knows a lot about criminal law but not much about constitutional law. For constitutional expertise and legal acumen, I’d pit my own former student Adam Schiff against Alan Dershowitz any day.”

Tribe is the Left’s go-to for impeachment ideas. He’s the one who suggested that Nancy Pelosi hold up the articles of impeachment so President Trump couldn’t declare exoneration from a Senate trial. She took his advice and held onto the charges against the man who posed an ‘existential threat against the United States of America!’ until after the holidays.

Sadly for Tribe, people who agree with Dershowitz are lining up, such as constitutional law professor and radio host, Hugh Hewitt:

Another Harvard trained lawyer, Ted Cruz, who argued and won nine Supreme Court cases, says the Constitution’s right on this one:

Adam Schiff can pretend the Constitution is “out of the mainstream” and that Dershowitz is a mere criminal defense lawyer, but it doesn’t make it so. Not by a long shot.