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Hot Mic Catches Two Virginia Democrats Scheming to Ignore Speeches by 'Mixed Up Little Kid' 'Gun Guys'


When Virginia went blue in 2018 with the help of Obama “wingman” Eric Holder and anti-gun mack daddy, Michael Bloomberg, law-abiding gun owners were left on their own.

To fight back against the anti-gun blue wave, thousands of Virginians stormed public meetings and passed so-called “Second Amendment Sanctuary” laws to preserve their rights. It was an in-your-face response to Democrats who are fond of sanctuaries for non-citizens.

Bloomberg called the anti-gun tune and the Democrats dutifully danced, preparing a massive anti-gun agenda for when they assumed office this month.

Democrats revealed a spending plan that included a force to remove guns from people and more spending on criminal justice for jail space and prosecutions. Then Democrats asked for public input.

Hundreds of Virginians have turned up at these budget meetings to talk about gun rights. Some Democrat lawmakers have listened politely, others have had a sudden urge to go to the bathroom when the “gun guys” show up to testify.

In the video below, two Virginia Democrats discuss how to get around the “gun guys” at a recent meeting in Fairfax County.

Liberty Nation sorted through the difficult-to-discern tape and determined that the Democrats were scheming on how to get out of hearing what one dismissed as “gun guys.”

“You gonna stick around for the 25 gun guys?” one lawmaker is heard saying. After a mostly inaudible exchange, he appears to say: “They are… mixed up, little kids.” Then, the other lawmaker says: “Yeah, as long as we, ah, just don’t respond.”

Watch the video for yourself.