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After Throwing Everything Against the Wall, Dems Finally Scrape Together Four Things They Want to Impeach Trump Over

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After three years of trying to oust President Donald Trump from the White House – using everything from Russia! Russia! Russia! to the Emoluments Clause to the 25th Amendment to Ukraine phone calls – Democrats appear to have settled on four items on which to impeach the president.

The House Judiciary Committee is hearing “presentations of evidence” from attorneys representing the Democrat majority and Republican minority in order to formalize articles of impeachment against Trump.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy told Fox News that after the testimony by Intelligence Committee majority counsel Daniel Goldman, it boils down to four things they want to impeach President Trump over:

  1. Using the power of his office to pressure for foreign interference
  2. Conditioning the request that he made to Ukraine on both the White House visit and the defense aid
  3. Undermining the U.S. free elections and national security
  4. Obstructing the investigation

Representative Jerry Nadler is the chairman of the Judiciary Committee hearing. When he isn’t napping during the testimony, he is having a tough time keeping control over the proceedings in the face of angry Republicans: