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Meghan McCain Has a Grave Spiritual Warning for Joe Biden

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On Monday, Meghan McCain delivered a stern warning to President Joe Biden, who claims to be a practicing Roman Catholic but whose politics vehemently oppose the official doctrines of his church. McCain warned that the president is doing “grave spiritual harm” to himself by not just advocating for abortion but for forcing pro-life taxpayers to foot the bill for it.

“Everybody’s spiritual journey and relationship with God and their church is their own personal journey and I don’t try and proselytize my spirituality on other people, but if you are a devout Catholic, as President Biden claims to be, abortion is a cardinal sin that can do deep spiritual harm to you, and President Biden had been supportive of the Hyde Amendment up until 2019,” McCain, a co-host of The View, began.

She noted that the Hyde Amendment prevented the federal government from providing taxpayer funding for abortion. When Biden opposed the Hyde Amendment, that marked “a deep paradigm shift” in how pro-lifers view the president.

“If he’s for the federal funding of abortion — and I know the women on this show disagree with me — but, as far as I’m concerned, abortion is murder, and that means the government funding of killing of the unborn and we have to, as pro-lifers, fight for the rights of the unborn. And that’s a doctrine that’s as old as the Catholic Church itself,” McCain explained.

She noted that Biden’s “official stance” is “he is personally opposed to abortion but doesn’t feel that he has the right to impose this view on the rest of the country.”

“I never understand this argument,” McCain added. “It’s like saying I’m personally opposed to murder, but if you want to murder a little bit, it’s fine because it’s not my problem.”

“He’s walking a very fine line here, and literally, all of these issues are literally life and death,” she warned. “He’s going to have to talk to his Creator, when the time comes, as we all do, and reconcile his politics with his personal faith.”

“I believe that he’s doing grave spiritual harm to himself and harm to this country,” McCain concluded.

Last week, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) overwhelmingly voted to draft a statement on the sacrament of the Eucharist (commonly known as Communion), clarifying whether or not politicians who advocate for the killing of unborn babies, the erosion of religious freedom, and the redefinition of marriage and sexuality — like President Joe Biden — may properly receive the Lord’s Supper, which Roman Catholics believe becomes the literal body and blood of Jesus Christ.

When Biden took the oath of office in January 2021, the head of the USCCB issued an historic rebuke of the president. While José H. Gomez, the archbishop of Los Angeles and USCCB president, began his remarks with prayer for Biden’s welfare, he condemned Biden for having “pledged to pursue certain policies that would advance moral evils and threaten human life and dignity, most seriously in the areas of abortion, contraception, marriage, and gender.”

Gomez also noted that “of deep concern is the liberty of the Church and the freedom of believers to live according to their consciences.”

Indeed, Biden has fought to resurrect an Obama-era HHS rule that would force Roman Catholic doctors to perform transgender surgery, in violation of both Catholic teaching on sexuality and the Hippocratic oath. He vigorously supports the Equality Act, which explicitly guts the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act — a bill for which Biden himself voted when he was in the Senate. Biden has also excluded the Hyde Amendment from his federal budget proposal, fighting to force pro-life taxpayers to unwittingly fund abortion.

Biden’s politics don’t mark just a subtle disagreement with the Roman Catholic Church but a flagrant rebellion — not just against the church’s doctrines on abortion and sexuality, but even against the church’s right to put those beliefs into practice.

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Meghan McCain is correct to warn the president. Unfortunately, most U.S. Catholics appear to be blind to just how dire the situation is. The Pew Research Center polled Catholics on the issue of Communion in March, and only 29 percent of self-identified Catholics said Biden “should not be allowed” to receive Communion based on his abortion views. Most self-identified Catholics (67 percent) said that he should. Even 44 percent of self-identified Republican Catholics said Biden should be able to receive Communion, while 87 percent of self-identified Democratic Catholics agreed.

Those opinions may have shifted in the months since March, as Biden’s extremism on these issues has become painstakingly clear. McCain’s message is extremely important in this context.