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VIDEO: Hollywood Boycotts of Pro-Life States 'A Charade Driven by Money, Not Morality'

VIDEO: Hollywood Boycotts of Pro-Life States 'A Charade Driven by Money, Not Morality'
YouTube screenshot of FRC video exposing Amazon, Disney, and Netflix as engaging in a "charade" by boycotting pro-life states.

On Thursday, the Family Research Council (FRC) released a hard-hitting video slamming Amazon, Disney, and Netflix for their virtue-signaling boycott threats on states that recently passed pro-life laws limiting abortion. FRC reveals the fact that these boycotts are a “charade,” because the companies work in countries with similar laws on abortion and countries that perform heinous human rights abuses.

“Big entertainment corporations like Disney, Amazon, and Netflix are claiming support for what they call ‘women’s rights,'” the video begins. “They’re threatening boycotts of states like Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Ohio, Missouri, and other states because of pro-life bills passed this year.”

Yet these boycott threats are “all a show.”

“Many of these same companies do business in places with even stronger pro-life laws – countries like Ireland, Bolivia, Croatia, Egypt, and Jordan,” the narrator explains.

Yet the virtue signaling is even worse than that.

These companies also “do business in China … where the government detains Christians, locks up Muslims in prison camps, harvests organs from political prisoners, and kills millions of baby girls through forced abortions.” Indeed, Amazon, Disney, and Netflix have expanded their businesses in China.

“Hollywood corporations have partnered with the Chinese communist government for years in its lucrative market, ignoring their long history of human rights abuses,” the video restates. “Yet, big entertainment would have you believe they just can’t do business in pro-life states.”

“Hollywood big business doesn’t care” about China’s human rights violations, the narrator contends. Therefore, the boycott threats against pro-life states are “a charade… driven by money… not morality.”

“So, remember… for big business like Disney, Amazon, and Netflix… it’s all an act,” the video concludes.

This hard-hitting message is important for Americans to grasp. Whenever companies feign moral outrage about pro-life laws that protect babies — and actually better represent the will of the American people than Roe v. Wade (1973) — but continue to do business in countries like China, overlooking their real human rights abuses, Americans should know this is a charade.

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