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Pro-Abortion Activist in Ohio: Pro-Lifers 'Deserve to Be Shot'

Pro-Abortion Activist in Ohio: Pro-Lifers 'Deserve to Be Shot'
YouTube screenshot of a pro-abortion protester saying pro-lifers should be shot.

At a pro-abortion “Stop the Bans” protest on Tuesday, an angry activist blocked a pro-life protester, accusing the pro-life side of violence and eventually saying pro-life activists “should be shot.”

The pro-life group Created Equal published footage of the confrontation in front of the Ohio statehouse on Wednesday. The “Stop the Bans” movement aims to protest the recent Alabama abortion bill, which mounts a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade (1973), the Supreme Court decision legalizing the killing of unborn babies.

“You guys are yelling and cussing at people, and calling us nasty names,” the pro-abortion activist said.

“We’re not doing that to you. And so forgive me when I laugh about it. I think it’s kind of funny,” the pro-life protester responded.

“Well your side is the one that tosses bombs, and firebombs, and Molotov cocktails in clinics,” the abortion activist responded. “That’s your side! You are standing with them!”

“You haven’t heard about the pro-choicers that shoot pro-lifers?” the pro-life protester asked.

“Bullsh*t!” the other man responded.

Pro-lifers often point to the murders committed by abortionists as proof of such violence, but PJ Media was unable to confirm that the abortionists killed people for their pro-life activism. In some cases, abortionists killed their wives, who were themselves pro-abortion. By contrast, there have been a few isolated cases of pro-life activists killing abortionists, such as George Tiller in 2009.

Created Equal has documented incidents of violence against pro-lifers in recent years, backing them up with video footage.

Whether or not any murders have been carried out against pro-life activists, this pro-abortion man did insist that pro-lifers deserve death.

The pro-life activist insisted that “Pro-lifers get shot all the time,” but the man responded, “Your side does that.”

Yet the man defending babies also pointed to concrete violence committed against the unborn. “They also do this, which is even worse. It’s killing babies,” he said.

Then the pro-abortion man became irate. “If they’re standing in between somebody going for health care and the source of the health care, too F***king bad!”

“You think they should be shot?” the other man asked.

“Too f**king bad! Yes!” he replied.

“Do you think pro-lifers should be shot?” the pro-life protester asked. “Yes.” The pro-lifer responded, “Can you say that again to the camera?”

“Do you think pro-lifers should be shot?” he asked again.

“I think that pro-lifers who stand between, um, patients and their doctors deserve something,” the abortion activist replied.

“Deserve to be shot?”

“They deserve to be shot. They deserve to be shot,” he repeated.

“You think they deserve to be shot?” the pro-lifer asked yet again.

“I — I do think that,” the man replied.

“Okay, he just said that pro-lifers deserve to be shot,” the pro-lifer summarized.

“When you’re standing between a patient and her doctor, they should get what they have coming to them,” the pro-abortion man repeated. “And if they won’t get the f**k out of the way —and if they won’t get the f**k out of the way — they deserve whatever they get.”

“Getting shot?” the pro-life protester again queried.

“Whatever they — Yes, getting shot, They deserve that,” the man replied.

The conversation continued with questions and answers.

Okay, so pro-lifers deserve to be shot?

If they stand if they stand between a patient and a doctor and won’t get the f**k out of the way, they deserve whatever they get.

And a second ago you were pretending that pro-lifers are the violent people? [The abortion activist turns away] That’s what you were pretending a second ago, sir. You just said that pro-lifers should be shot and that killing little babies is okay to do, man. … No wonder you think it’s okay to kill babies.

The pro-choicer said, “They’re not babies. It’s fetal tissue.”

The pro-life protester responded, “A fetus is not ‘fetal tissue.’ They’re a human being from the moment of fertilization.”

Whether or not any pro-abortion activist has murdered a pro-lifer for his or her belief that unborn babies are humans deserving protection, this man did clearly advocate the shooting of pro-lifers if they “get between” a woman and her doctor. Since pro-abortion activists claim that bans on abortion do exactly that, the man was advocating murder for all pro-life voters and politicians.

To be fair, the pro-lifer was provoking the abortion activist. Yet he still decided to take the bait, and he repeated himself a total of ten times. To be honest, I think the man filming the confrontation should have run away at that point.

Anger, violence, and death threats tragically exist on both sides of the abortion debate, and Created Equal videos seem to suggest it’s a bigger problem on the pro-abortion side. Whatever the case, Americans should debate the issue with civility, not anger and violence.

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