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Google Manager Told Whistleblower: 'We Need to Stop' Fake News Because 'That's How Trump Won'

Google Manager Told Whistleblower: 'We Need to Stop' Fake News Because 'That's How Trump Won'
Google logo. (Photo: Sipa France via AP Images)

On Monday, Google software engineer Mike Wacker published an email he received from a fellow Google employee. That employee recounted a discussion with his manager in which the manager said Donald Trump won the 2016 election thanks to fake news and hate speech.

“I posted a comment on a meme regarding fake news on Search and someone reported it to HR. I didn’t say I was in favor or against, just cautioned that we need to be carful [sic],” the anonymous employee wrote. “My manager brought it up in our 1:1 last week. Made me feel very uncomfortable for having an opposing view. He said we need to stop hate speatch [sic] and fake news because that’s how Trump won the election…”

The terrified employee kept quiet, censoring himself. “I obviously didn’t say anything and just wanted it to end. I … would like to see all managers required to take political bias training,” he wrote.

Worse, the “Bias Busting” course at Google demonized conservatives and Trump supporters, the employee wrote.

“Also, have you taken the bias busting course lately? The entire thing is bashing conservatives and Trump supporters. So many false accusations and sob stories,” he wrote. “My friend took the course and said he was told he didn’t know how it felt to be a minority because he was a male. This came from the speaker themselves!”

Mike Wacker, the Google software engineer who published the email, said he decided to share it because it shows “political bias at Google.”

“Multiple incidents, multiple concerns, and many conversations have driven my decision to publish this email, and here, this incident serves as a good representative example. It is certainly not an isolated incident, and others have had similar experiences,” Wacker tweeted.

“Bluntly, I do not trust Google’s ability to properly prevent and handle these sorts of incidents,” he added. “This distrust extends to its leadership, its management, and especially to its HR department.”

Wacker, who has identified himself as a Christian, insisted that viewpoint diversity — both political and religious — matters a great deal.

“Finally, on the topic of viewpoint diversity, both political diversity and religious diversity matter,” he tweeted. “I have touched on the politics part, especially since Google CEO Sundar Pichai has claimed that Google is a non-partisan company, but the religion part is important, too.”

Speaking with PJ Media, the Google engineer said he had decided to lay low after posting this email. When Google senior software engineer James Damore went public with a manifesto on women in tech, he was fired. He later sued the company for discrimination against white men.

Damore’s lawsuit described a culture that caters to strange sexualities and sexual identities and treated traditional gender roles with distrust. Last year, Damore told PJ Media that conservatives at Google are “in the closet” and that liberals are digging through a private conservative email list to get people fired.

According to a recent study, Big Tech employees claim to support tolerance but would silence “dangerous” speech. Last year, a study showed that conservative employees in Silicon Valley are terrified to speak out. Employees at Google, Facebook, and Amazon have bankrolled Democrats and liberals at remarkably high rates (96 percent, 95 percent, and 89 percent, respectively). The far-left smear group Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has pushed liberal bias in Big Tech with campaigns to “change the terms” of service.

A Google executive bragged about increasing Latino turnout in 2016, hoping it would help Hillary Clinton. Robert Epstein, a psychologist studying search engine manipulation, concluded that Google’s bias could explain Clinton’s popular vote margin over Donald Trump that year.

This email only confirms that bias, and Google needs to address it.

The company did not respond to PJ Media’s request for comment by press time.

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