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Transgender Writer Embraces Cannibalism: Wants to Drink 'Transphobe Bone Broth'

Last week, a transgender freelance writer for outlets such as Teen Vogue, Rewire, and Vice tweeted about a desire to drink “bone broth” from people who disagree with transgender identity. He made no bones about this support for cannibalism, claiming that this broth would be “the best food in the world for pregnant trans women.”

“We’re going to stop giving attention to transphobes and start using their bones to make a bone broth,” Serena Sonoma, who has written sex guides for biological men who identify as women, tweeted on Thursday. “It’ll be healthy for our babies when we get our womb transplants.”

The term “transphobe” refers to a person who disagrees with the idea that men who identify as women are “really” women and vice versa. Sonoma’s Twitter account was private over the weekend, but he made it public again on Monday, allowing direct access to the vile tweets, which the social media platform has not removed.

The transgender writer continued the theme, even going so far as to suggest a headline for radical feminists to use in reporting his vile tweets.

“Transphobe: *being a transphobe* Me: *stomach starts growling,” he added in another tweet.

“Transphobe: you is a man. Me, 8 mo. pregnant and the baby is STARVING: ‘now i got a baby and I got a transphobe. Now you not SOUNDING real good right now but see my baby… my baby is saying you look good enough to eat. And this baby is hungry. And *eye* am starving. Run fast,” he added.

He went on to describe the recipe for “transphobe bone broth.”

“I’m TELLING you. Cut up some carrots, as good as you can find them, some onions, 2 celery stalks, cider vinegar, OOF I’m hungry just thinking about it. Some black peppercorns, bay leaves in a STOCK pot,” the transgender writer tweeted. “Cishet bone broth is the best food in the world for pregnant trans women.”

“Cishet” refers to “cisgender heterosexual” people, those who identify with their biological sex and are sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex. Since “trans women” are really men, they do not have wombs, and any “pregnancy” would require a womb transplant. Indeed, Sonoma (mockingly?) suggested he would steal wombs from women who disagree with transgender identity.

The transgender writer even suggested a headline for the satirical feminist website Reductress: “Women [sic] Gets Tired of Transphobes and Starts Eating Them Instead.”

Sonoma has frequently used the slur TERF, which stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.” Many feminists and lesbians who disagree with transgender identity have been attacked and maligned as “TERFs,” and this transgender writer seems intent on continuing that hateful campaign.

Feminists and lesbians shared the “transphobe bone broth” tweets and Sonoma seemed both pleased and proud about the attention.

“If anything using the TERFs as a punching back [sic] to as an outlet actually helps. Thank you TERFs for the self-care. I absolutely f**king hate you. And it feels good saying it,” Sonoma tweeted. He likely meant to say “suing TERFs as a punching bag,” suggesting that his hateful tweets about eating them make him feel better.

On Monday, the transgender writer doubled down on one of her most disgusting attacks against women he brands “TERFs.”

“Maybe every child you birth come out stillborn and may you have them cremated so I can sh*t in the urn,” he tweeted, echoing a previous tweet.

These hateful vile messages are only likely to make lesbians and feminists more resolved in their efforts to fight back against transgender activism.

“Still wondering why I fight? Because men like this are animals and over my dead body will I let them hurt women,” Miriam Ben-Shalom, the first lesbian to be reinstated to the U.S. Army after being kicked out for her sexuality, told PJ Media.

Serena Sonoma’s disgusting cannibal tweets seem particularly noteworthy after feminist journalist Meghan Murphy was suspended from Twitter for “misgendering” a man who identifies as a woman. Murphy called Twitter a sexist boys club for its stalwart stance for transgender identity.

Indeed, if a biological man who identifies as a woman can threaten murder, desecration of babies’ ashes, and cannibalism without getting banned by Twitter while a woman who upholds the reality of biological sex is permanently banned from the platform, Twitter is far worse than a “boys club.”

Threats to murder, desecrate, and eat people clearly violate Twitter’s community standards, but the social media site has yet to ban Serena Sonoma.

Words fail to describe the evil and depravity of Serena Sonoma’s misogyny, and Americans should take note. The transgender movement has gone way too far, and Twitter should enforce its standards against these vile attacks.

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