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Michelle Wolf: Abortion 'Should Be on the Dollar Menu at McDonald's'

YouTube screenshot of Michelle Wolf saying abortion should be on McDonalds' dollar menu.

In a recent video for Netflix, “comedian” Michelle Wolf celebrated abortion, channeling Oprah by effectively saying, “YOU get an abortion, and YOU get an abortion, and YOU get an abortion!” She mocked pro-life activists as anti-life and declared, “God bless abortions!”

But the most offensive thing she said was also the most ridiculous. The Wolf — not exactly in sheep’s clothing — said abortion should be available on the “dollar menu” at McDonald’s.

“Abortion shouldn’t be a luxury. It shouldn’t be the new ‘I summer in Montauk,’ it should be on the dollar menu at McDonald’s,” Wolf said. Her “summer in Montauk” was a reference to the Hamptons in Montauk, N.Y.

Then she mockingly made an order: “Hey, I’d like a large Diet Coke, and can you get this egg out of my McMuffin?”

Like other abortion activists, she launched into bawdy “Harry Potter”-themed vagina humor. “True story, I call my vagina the Goblet of Fire, sometimes the Chamber of Secrets, other times Hagrid,” Wolf quipped. “Here’s the thing, every character, book title, everything about Harry Potter sounds like a name for your vagina.”

Perhaps Dolores Umbridge, in her case? Or maybe Rita Skeeter.

Michelle Wolf said that abortion is so important, pro-life people aren’t even real.

“Pro-life is a propaganda term that isn’t real, like ‘healthy ice cream’ and ‘handsome testicles,'” Wolf quipped. “These people are anti-abortion, which means they’re anti-woman.” Uh huh…

If pro-life activists were really pro-life, they would be liberal activists like her. “They would be fighting hard for healthcare, childcare, education, gun control, and protecting the environment,” she said. “These anti-abortion people don’t care about life, they just care about birth.”

Wolf concluded her screed with a parade in support of abortion. She called this “The Break’s Tenth Annual Salute to Abortion,” which is weird, because her Netflix show — called “The Break with Michelle Wolf” — is in its first season…

The “comedian” led a small mock marching band under a banner reading “Salute to Abortion,” and then threw confetti in the air.

“Abortion, I salute you!” Wolf declared. “Women, if you need an abortion, get one!” she declared, throwing confetti into the air. “If you want an abortion, get one!” she said, with another thrust of confetti. “If you’re not pregnant but think you eventually might be and think you want to order a future abortion, get one!”

“If you’re pregnant and you want to be pregnant, don’t get one,” she concluded, putting her hand on top of the cup of confetti.

Let’s be clear, abortion is not a joyous thing to be celebrated with confetti. It is not a simple thing that should be “on demand” or available at McDonald’s. Abortion involves the killing of a human baby — or at least a living being with human DNA. It may be necessary at times, but even then it should be considered a tragedy, the ending of a human life.

Wolf’s cavalier attitude on this issue and her outright celebration of abortion are disgusting. Even Americans who support legal abortion should be appalled at this attitude.