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Over 16K 'Interested' in Screaming 'Troll in the White House' on Veterans Day

Between 1 and 2 p.m. Eastern on Veterans Day — a day reserved for honoring the men and women who risked their lives to preserve America’s freedom — around 1,600 people will scream “Troll in the White House!” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Another 16,000 people said they were “interested” in doing so.

Most of the comments mocked the very idea.

“Love it! This will be great material for Donald Trump‘s 2020 campaign videos. Your resistance is hilarious!” wrote John Maynard.

“Seriously?” asked Joyce Cash Roman.

“Grow up,” Mitchell Ragnar Lodbrock added.

A rather astute user noted that President Donald Trump will not have returned from his Asia trip at that point.

User Joseph Burke commented, “Yeah this will fix everything kinda like the last eight years when you elected the worse president twice.”

At least one user realized the tragic irony of choosing Veterans Day, however.

“While I agree this is funny, I’d recommend a day other then [sic] November 11th,” Jon Morrison wrote. “It’s supposed to be a day of rememberance [sic] of the atrocities of war and to remind us not to do it again.”

Morrison wrote this on October 9, but the event is still on for Veterans Day. The “resistance” is so adamant on opposing Trump in the pettiest of ways, they seem more than willing — eager, even — to belittle the efforts of the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for America’s freedom.

This weak-sauce protest against America’s duly elected president is an insult to the veterans who risked everything to defend the United States of America. The organizers and participants should be ashamed of themselves.

At the same time, even petty protests like this one are a hallmark of America’s values. These people have every right to free speech and free assembly to yell at the White House all they want, even if no one will be there to hear them. The protesters only have the brave men and women who put on the military uniform to thank for that freedom.

Please don’t use the freedom they fought so hard to defend merely to engage in puerile protests against the rightful president of the United States. At the very least, choose a different day. This is disgraceful.