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We're Not Dumb, Charles Blow. Hillary is the Existential Threat

We're Not Dumb, Charles Blow. Hillary is the Existential Threat
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton holds up a book entitled "Stronger Together" as she speaks at the 11th Congressional District Labor Day festival at Luke Easter Park in Cleveland, Ohio, Monday, Sept. 5, 2016. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

The New York Times‘ Charles Blow wrote an article this week, calling Donald Trump an “Existential Threat.” That phrase started trending on Twitter, but it wasn’t because so many people agreed with the Times‘ received wisdom. No, they pointed to somebody else as an existential threat to America.

“Existential Threat” was still trending on Twitter, but most tweets highlighted Hillary Clinton as that threat. After all, Fox News’ Bret Baier reported that FBI sources said the investigation into the Clinton Foundation has been going on for more than a year. On Thursday, Trump said active duty generals don’t like the idea of Clinton “being their boss.”

Given such news, Americans might be less disposed to see Clinton’s challenger as the true threat to America. After all, the Times is losing circulation and just reported a 19 percent drop in print ad revenue.

Here are 19 tweets highlighting the true existential threat. Enjoy!

1. The New York Times.

2. Whose emails were hacked?

3. Supporters of FBI suspect…

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4. Which candidate did this again?

5. The real meaning of Charles Blow’s article.

6. Hm… Who already weakened national security again?

7. Oh, THAT’s why indictment is likely.

Next Page: Liars are the real threat.

8. Liars are the real threat.

9. A threat to the human mind.

10. You don’t have to like Trump to oppose Clinton.

11. Trump isn’t alone when it comes to sexual scandals.

Next Page: Hillary Clinton is the existential threat.

12. It is Clinton.

13. Hyperbole, but not entirely off base.

14. A threat to justice.

15. A threat to the Constitution.

16. Three points against Clinton.

17. Looking for a threat? Check out the mirror.

Next Page: Here are a few other existential threats, just for fun.

Climate change.

Illegal immigrants.

And my personal favorite.