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Joe Scarborough: Trump Campaign a 'Scam' and a 'Marketing Ploy'

In comments on Tuesday morning, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said that Donald Trump does not actually believe the “crazy” and racist comments he makes, but that the style which has propelled The Donald’s campaign is a “scam” and a “marketing ploy.”


When The Washington Post‘s Eugene Robinson said Trump has “been talking crazy for a while,” the MSNBC host tried to explain why.

“No, he doesn’t believe the birther stuff. This is all a marketing ploy,” Scarborough declared. “It is all a marketing — he doesn’t believe it. He doesn’t believe Barack Obama was born in Kenya and I’m not defending him. I say this is even worse that you play it cynically.”

Scarborough also said why he thinks Trump is putting on a racist show. “I’ve known the guy for 12 years, I’ve never heard him say the first thing that even resembles a racist remark. And he’s just the type of person, if you were sitting around the table, and somebody made a racist remark, he would raise his eyebrows and say, ‘Are you kidding me? Where are you from, the 1950s?'”

“This is all a scam, it’s all a marketing routine, Gene,” the MSNBC host concluded.


Earlier on the show, Scarborough called The Donald a Democrat, in no uncertain terms:

“This candidate is a Democrat. He has been a Democrat his entire life. He has contributed recently to Chuck Schumer. He’s contributed to Hillary Clinton, I believe three times,” the MSNBC host declared. “He is a life-long Manhattan liberal Democrat. We have two New York Democrats running against each other right now — two!”

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