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DNC #BlackLivesMatter: 'Don't Vote for Hillary, She's Killing Black People'

DNC #BlackLivesMatter: 'Don't Vote for Hillary, She's Killing Black People'
Public domain image from Wikimedia commons, photograph by Tony Webster.

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Tuesday, the second day of the Democratic National Convention, focuses on the #BlackLivesMatter movement, featuring mothers of black men slain by the police. On Tuesday afternoon, a huge protest group formed and marched around Philadelphia’s City Hall.

Thousands of protesters marched, chanting “Don’t vote for Hillary, she’s killing black people!” Cars with bumper stickers featuring slogans like “Black Lives Matter” drove down the street.

After the numerous interruptions of Democratic leaders by “Bernie or Bust” protesters on Monday, some were concerned that the protests would continue on Tuesday. Their concerns proved prescient, as protests like this one expressed anger at Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

It does seem unique, however, to blame Hillary Clinton for the police attacks on black people. While the Clintons have been connected to harsher crime measures passed in the 1990s, Bill was referred to as “the first black president.” After all, Hillary gained the support of blacks in the Democratic primary. Perhaps this is a sign of buyer’s remorse?

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