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The Good, the Swag, and the Ugly at CPAC

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has been pulsating with energy, and it shows a diverse and eclectic movement. Here is a brief sample of the crazy and the impressive.

1. The TruPolitics Roulette Table

There’s a new politics social network in the works, and it turned CPAC into a casino. The social networking app is launching this year, and is currently in alpha or beta testing — but it had a great set-up at the conference. Here’s a roulette table where you can win a t-shirt:

tru Politics Roulette Booth

2. Future Female Leaders — and Their Matching Elephant Skirts!

There’s a new group of millennial women in politics, and they take conservatism — and fashion — very seriously. Check out their matching outfits:

Future Female Leaders CPAC

3. The Fashion Booth

These ladies want you to join the club — here’s where you can get in on the fashion action:

Future Female Leaders Booth

4. And Now for Something Completely Different

CPAC had its share of Trump supporters, but one of them really stood out.

Trump Supporter CPAC

5. Tradition, Family, Property. These Guys are Medieval Knights.

Check out the helmet on the table. And the guys in robes. There’s a fashion statement … from the 14th century!

Tradition Family Property CPAC Booth

6. Cops Say What, Again?

At every conservative political event, there’s always a police officer — or retired cop — wearing one of these shirts. And he’s explaining his ideas, in the bathroom no less! Talk about a libertarian statement:

CPAC Cops Legalize Pot

7. Only One Political Candidate Had a CPAC Booth — Can You Guess Who It Was?

As the conference learned on Friday, Ben Carson is not in it to win it. He dropped out, and started a non-profit. His campaign must have known, but they wanted to clean out their swag, and keep Carson in the public view:

Ben Carson Swag Booth CPAC

8. The NRA Had a Shooting Gallery, and I Couldn’t Help Myself.

One of the best booths was run by the National Rifle Association (NRA), which had a shooting video game, with full-size plastic guns:

NRA Shooting CPAC

9. Young Americans for Freedom — Buttons Galore!

A project of Young America’s Foundation, this organization has a boatload of swag:

Young Americans for Freedom CPAC Booth

10. Christmas Ornaments for Donors

Like any political movement, the conservative movement requires money. This organization is aimed at helping conservative groups thank their donors — with custom Christmas ornaments. Very classy:

Donor Ornaments CPAC

BONUS: TurningPoint USA

For the second year, TurningPoint USA has had a big presence at CPAC. Started in 2012, it aims to “identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.” It does this by giving out free posters that say “Big Government Sucks,” and stickers declaring “I (heart) America!” Here’s their “hypeline”:

Turning Point USA CPAC Booth