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University of Wyoming Under Fire for Slogan Referring to Its 'Cowboy' Mascot

When you think of hotbeds of progressive activism, the University of Wyoming probably does not appear on your list. Wyoming residents seem to have a culture of not complaining about everything.

However, the nonsense has reached that campus as well.

The university is now under fire because of its slogan: “The world needs more Cowboys.” The school’s mascot is a cowboy. Apparently, Native American groups and school faculty are upset because the slogan “excludes women and people of color.”

“If you’re not a white person and especially if you’re an Indian, it would make you feel out of place — it wouldn’t make you feel too good about yourself,” argued Darrell Hutchinson, a “cultural specialist” with the Northern Arapaho Tribe in Wyoming.

Hmm. Wouldn’t the same be true of many other mascot-related slogans?

If Michigan State said “the world needs more Spartans,” would that be exclusionary towards anyone not of Greek ancestry? Or, perhaps worse, towards students from Athens?

What about Florida State University? Would “the world needs more Seminoles” be problematic? As a white man with no known native ancestry, wouldn’t that make me feel unwelcome?

Maybe people can grow the hell up and look at a statement, recognize the obvious intention, and stop being crybullies about every little thing.

Look, I’m as pessimistic about humanity as you’re likely to find most of the time. Yet even I figure that most folks who read that slogan recognize that the University of Wyoming has the cowboy as their mascot. I’m also optimistic that most folks are actually sick of this crap.

It’s like navigating a minefield where the mines are constantly moving. You can’t afford to step at all — and that sort of control is exactly what the progressive whiners want.

It’s my hope that the university tells them all to kiss their rears and proceeds forward. I’m pretty sure the average Wyoming student and most everyone else will be just fine.