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Jezebel: Inadequate Men Are Why Women Freeze Their Eggs

Lately, it seems like anything negative that happens in a woman’s life is the fault of men. It’s like there’s nothing men can’t do, provided, of course, that it’s somehow evil.

The most recent example of this comes to us via the feminist website Jezebel. They seem delighted to report that, according to a new study, women freezing their eggs rarely has anything to do with their careers — the motive is usually inadequate men:

[A] new study suggests that the real issue driving the egg-freezing phenomenon is, according to researchers, “a lack of stable partnerships with men committed to marriage and parenting …

The overwhelming majority of surveyed women — 85 percent — were unpartnered and chose egg-freezing for one of six reasons: “being single, divorced or divorcing, broken up from a relationship, working overseas, single mother by choice or circumstance, and career planning,” as the press release puts it. But career concerns were the least common reason cited — and that was true even among women whose employer’s insurance plans covered egg freezing.

Interesting. But what Jezebel fails to investigate is why these women were single, divorced or divorcing, or broken up from a relationship.

It’s hardly fair to judge only men as being unstable when it comes to relationships simply because a large number of women who freeze eggs do it because of relationship issues. It’s not difficult to imagine that at least half of those relationships ended at the woman’s behest — and perhaps, though subjective, fault. It’s also not difficult to imagine that some of those relationships ended by men were due to the woman’s infidelity, or other issues involving the woman’s “commit[ment] to marriage and parenting.”

Of course, Jezebel couldn’t help but report this as yet another problem with men, as is their way:

[T]his narrative around a lack of commitment (from men, in particular) is perhaps less broadly appealing than the careerist one we usually hear — the one that draws on the generational boogeywoman of the millennial who is destroying the natural order of things by delaying marriage, having casual sex, and focusing on her career aspirations.

Nice strawman that’s been constructed there: Not only does the study show that men are the primary problem, which it doesn’t, but that media also deliberately chooses to blame women alone because it makes for a more “appealing” story. Which is nuts.

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