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Colorado Neighborhood Outraged Over Resident's Wild Orgies

Residents of an upscale neighborhood in Castle Rock, Colorado, have had it with the guy living on Avery Way who reportedly has been organizing massive sex parties. A neighbor told local media that she’d seen an invitation to one of them: Over 400 people had been invited, and 87 had sent RSVPs.

“I think it is disgusting,” the neighbor remarked.

According to the invitation, the residence is referred to as the “Thunderstorm Play Palace,” and boasts 7,500 square feet with everything an orgy should have: alcohol, food (including vegetarian selections), and even a chocolate fountain. Sounds like a hell of a party.

The anonymous neighbor remarked that a wide variety of attendees showed up: “Some of them are so old that they struggled walking up the stairs.”

The man responsible for the parties says that, despite taking steps to mitigate what the neighbors see and hear, he’s faced considerable harassment from people in the neighborhood. “He said neighbors tried to block his driveway with trash cans, and a guest’s car was keyed, resulting in expensive damage,” KDVR reported.

Neighbors claim they can still hear “sex noises” from inside the home, despite attempts at soundproofing the building.

Is this is an issue about a severe public nuisance, or are the complaints based more on conflicting ideas about morality? Let’s look at the anonymous neighbor’s comments: She lashed out at the age of some of the attendees, and called the parties “disgusting.” Clearly, she doesn’t approve of the behavior.

Because of that, I don’t know if we have enough evidence that “Thunderstorm Play Palace” is really causing a severe disturbance. The neighbor’s disapproval is fine; Lord knows I don’t approve of these kinds of parties happening, either. That’s a far cry from what I would have said in my 20s, that’s for sure. But people change.

But engaging in this alleged harassment of party attendees rather than getting authorities down there to witness and record the disturbance is surely a crime. If you think it’s immoral and you don’t want it in the neighborhood, fine. If laws are being broken, then take appropriate action.

Otherwise, let’s not be busybodies and just let people enjoy their lives. For a county that went overwhelmingly for Donald Trump (Douglas County, CO), they’re sure acting like judgmental campus Leftists trying to ban lifestyles they hate.

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