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Environmentalist Students Demand University President Buy a Prius

Toyota logo on the trunk of a 2018 Toyota Prius on display at the Pittsburgh Auto Show Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Environmentalists have some bizarre ideas about how to make things “better.” Take the student activists at the University of Southern California, who are now pressuring the university president to drive a different car.

A student group recently held a march titled “Do Better SC: Rally For Sustainability”. Along the way they targeted USC President C. L. Max Nikias, demanding he sign a “Presidential Climate Commitment.” The students also chanted “Hey Nikias, buy a Prius,” as reported by The Daily Trojan. “High tuition, no green ambitions, all we have is hella emissions.”

It’s telling that they felt it appropriate to harass a person for his private choice of vehicle. Note that you don’t see a lot of pro-liberty environmentalists.

Modern environmentalists don’t simply want to prevent smog or clean up crap floating in the nation’s waterways. They want control. They want to dictate every aspect of your life, from the light bulbs you buy to the toilet you use.

The Prius is a compact car that has nothing going for it except good mileage. It’s completely inappropriate for anyone besides young, childless people who don’t travel often.

But individual preferences and needs are completely irrelevant here — environmentalists simply demand you comply with their ideology.

Don’t like the tuition, the school’s commitment to your cause, or the car the president drives? Transfer to another college. If enough students make this decision, maybe things will change. If the problem is as bad as you think it is, the market has a better chance of correcting it.

But no one has a right to control anyone’s legal behavior.

Hat tip: The College Fix