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Howard University Students Demand Campus Police Be Disarmed

Howard University students recently occupied several buildings on campus in an effort to make the administration take their demands seriously.

Of course, these being modern college students, one of the demands was the most idiotic thing students could possibly ask for: that campus police be disarmed:

We demand the immediate disarming of campus police officers and the formation of a Police Oversight Committee controlled by students, faculty, staff, and off-campus community representatives.

If the University truly respects the value of Black life, it must take a preventative approach to police violence. As long as campus police officers have guns, there is a potential for lethal violence, and we cannot afford to wait until a tragedy occurs to disarm them.

If Howard University values black lives, they should disarm their police officers? (Many of whom are black themselves.)

Is anyone following this?

Let’s just imagine that Howard University does disarm their police officers. Now, let’s imagine you’re someone who wants to shoot up a school for some demented reason, but you’re not sure where to go.

Or let’s say you’re a thief looking to mug some students. Or a rapist.

If you want to ensure the highest likelihood of successfully pulling off a crime, you scout out the places where you are least likely to run into armed opposition.

Do black lives matter or not?

If you are concerned about police brutality based on recent events, that’s one thing. The call for an oversight committee might be warranted — as would be an examination of the real facts behind the supposed wave of police targeting blacks, which is a myth. But at least that would be a sane, rational request. Disarming the campus police officers? Not sane.

Do they really think the officers would stay under these conditions? They can expect an exodus of qualified police officers, who won’t have any interest in facing one of the world’s most dangerous jobs unarmed. They will be potential victims, not first responders.

Yet this is the trend we see from the Leftists who have come to dominate American college campuses. They don’t think about issues rationally. They don’t examine the facts. They simply act upon their feelings.

Luckily, I doubt even today’s college administrators are stupid enough to accede to this demand.

Hat tip: The College Fix