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100 Percent of 2017 Political Contributions From Williams College Went to Democrats

When conservatives say academia is a liberal institution, liberals tend to scoff a bit. Many of them point to the odd conservative professor with tenure as proof that there’s no real liberal bias in academia.

However, a report at Campus Reform provides information that refutes that argument.

Writer Sandor Farkas notes that since 2009, only two employees of Williams College have donated to Republicans. Last year, precisely zero donated to Republicans.

Farkas writes: “The Williams Record originally reported that faculty and staff at the New England liberal arts college donated a total of $20,325.22 to candidates and committees in federal elections in 2017, with every contribution going to Democrats.”

He adds: “Individual employees’ total contributions in 2017 ranged from $5,264 to $2, averaging $267 per employee. The various donations went to fundraisers and PACs such as PAC, ActBlue, and Emily’s List.”

Campus Reform verified the findings, but the results shouldn’t be too surprising. Frankly, I’m surprised even two employees donated to Republican campaigns since 2009.

There’s a reason so many on the right refuse to venerate academia like they once did. While we still send our kids to college, we do so with trepidation rather than great hope. We know we’re sending our children to face indoctrination in ideologies that oppose everything we believe. We hope they can stay wise, rather than return a social justice zombie.

At PJ Media, I’ve written dozens of articles about academia’s pronounced left-wing bias. Williams College, in particular, has an obvious preference for liberal candidates, and I suspect that if one were to examine other colleges, the same results would be found.

Most of my friends who do work on college faculties know to keep their politics to themselves, lest they be declared persona non grata in their departments.

Make no mistake, the bias is real, and this is yet another data point proving it.

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