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Why Must Liberals Despise the Idea of Space?

When news broke that the Department of Defense had spent $22 million investigating UFOs, some were… confused. To be sure, a Pentagon program to investigate unidentified objects flying in the sky makes sense considering that one of the more plausible explanations for such a phenomenon is that they’re really experimental aircraft.

However, in the process of sharing the news, it seems they opened the door for progressives to take a massive, steaming dump on the idea of space.

Over at The Week, writer Matthew Walther felt the need to opine on why spending money on space is dumb — and he manages to hit all the progressive high notes.

“For most of us, the destruction of Earth has already happened. Even the plants we can identify are uniform squares deposited in grids with instructions from Home Depot underneath our vinyl siding,” he writes, apparently not comprehending that just because he doesn’t understand wild plants doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

However, Walther doesn’t stop there. On the idea of meeting people from other worlds, he argues, “Which is that there aren’t already aliens everywhere. We have all had close encounters of the first and second kinds and, occasionally, the third. As I write this, thousands of them are shivering in doorways or under scaffolding in Manhattan and San Francisco, mumbling and screaming because they have spent years of their lives being silently urged to participate in the fiction of their own non-existence, and hundreds of thousands more are wearing MAGA hats and collapsing into ambulances in Ohio and Rhode Island and New Hampshire.”

Oh-so-clever, isn’t he?

Whether you believe we’re alone in the universe or not, the fact remains that many leftists look at space and shrug. They believe we should solve all worldly problems before we ever look to the stars, probably knowing full well that we’ll never solve them all.

What they miss is that reaching for the heavens will actually solve many of those same terrestrial issues. While leftists worry about overpopulation, some of us look to the Moon and Mars as the first steps in relieving those pressures. While they prattle on about poverty, we look at how colonizing space will create opportunities that will lift many out of a generational dependence on the government rather than themselves.

Space is why we have the society we currently enjoy. Many of our modern conveniences came about because of technology developed for the space program, a program we have kicked to the curb because it’s no longer fashionable.

Now, private business is taking up that mantle, and I’m thankful for that. But I refuse to let any preening leftist tell me that we should ignore space, that looking to the heavens and reaching up is somehow wrong. I refuse to do it.

I’d much rather see humanity look down upon the Earth in a literal sense than risk the last human looking up and wondering what might have been.